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Restaurants that have replaced human staff for robots


what we were already announcing: technology will set new directions in the future of kitchens and restaurants. As well, the future is here and is dominated by robots. but do not spread panic, this is not going to turn into a scene from "I, Robot ", or so we hope. For the moment, What they have achieved these automata is sauteing vegetables with prawns and take them to the table.

This new robotic adventure wants to launch Andy Puzder, CEO of American fast food chain Carl’s Jr. The employer wants now a restaurant open free human employees, Only machines, something that both your company and many others are investing a lot in recent times. Rather than the possibilities offered by the advancement of technology, attributed its decision to the US government continues to raise the costs of labor and increasingly get lower returns. Will be fixed Puzder restaurants in automated China?

Robots dominate the Asian giant kitchens

China is probably the leading the invention and production of robots of various types country and utilities. There are those that simulate pets or people with whom we maintain a friendly chat but what we focus here is on the existence of robots cooks. In the Chinese province of Heilongjiang found a restaurant has replaced its chefs flesh and blood by others made of metal. While robots are dedicated to work in the kitchen, the role of human personnel work focuses on stock and control of the machines to function properly.

If you think out of the kitchen you may find some human to help us with our order, error. It's very probable that in one of China eaters also we find us automata waiters, as in the Dalu Robot.

This restaurant has a circuit in which Bicycle mounted robots carry trays and although customers are those who have to get up for their food, They know when they have to do to see the aforementioned robot standing in front of the table. And there is not the thing, since the establishment diners with several dancers robots that act as go-go dancers entertains. A spectacle as strange as curious.

Humans and robots, Enemies in job search?

The appearance of the machines in the job picture has brought many benefits to the employer and the employee very few. It is clear that robots do not receive any salary, They do not complain about exploitation at work or by low wages, They not arrive late and do not take vacations. All these advantages Puzder adds that "are always friendly, your only goal is to cash [for business]and with them there will never be problems of age discrimination, raza sex ".

On the other side of the balance human workers are, who in some cases they have been replaced in their jobs by an automaton, with the difference that they do have to pay bills, feed a family, cover personal costs ... In short, They have to live. But not all is lost, because behind a robot always has to be a person and limitations of the prototypes are considerable, so the maintenance posts and several performances are still vacancies for conventional employees.

New employees sin the same as their predecessors

Nevertheless, They have already begun to see the first gaps in this substitution of people by robots. Ironies that life has, the first 'layoffs' robots are caused what is wanted remedied with implementation: he underperforming employees.

The new metallized waiters two restaurants in Canton (China) They were not able to reach without bumping into tables with each other or with the furniture, They dotting the content of the dishes bearing and often marring. further, the failure to deposit themselves drinks and meals at the tables was something not too enthused customers.

With all these failures begin to raise questions about whether or not a robot can perform the work of a human effectively enough to earn a spot as an employee. In this regard, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Technology in Guangzhou, Zhang Yun, He explains that "for now the robots are only useful in repetitive tasks but still a long way to go before they can enter the labor market in other professions where duties are more diverse".

To Spain it has not yet reached this automaton fever in kitchens, which it is mainly limited to China although there are some isolated case in the rest of the world, as in the Restaurant Eatsa San Francisco, in which Puzder inspired for his new project. The truth is cybernetic technology is in full swing and innovation in this area is constant, so we may not have to wait so long for robots take our kitchens and we limit ourselves to enjoy the food.

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