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vegan restaurants with animal skins


We prefer that you not wear fur“. It is not a ban; It is rather a desire or recommendation. Some restaurants in Toronto and London, almost all of them vegans and vegetarians, They have joined the animal rights and the fight against fur garments.

The initiative came from American activist Len Goldberg and graphic designer Louise Jorgensen, and his campaign, directed by Animal Rights Toronto, it has become viral on Facebook, where they found numerous supporters. It makes sense that this defense has begun vegan restaurants, although more and more adherents of any kind as clients both local and network users adds social-.

Since the beginning of this March, vegetarian and vegan restaurants have their doors this slogan, ‘”We prefer that you not wear fur”, where you can see the image of a coyote and a coat with a hood lined with fur. In smaller print, then, you can read: “If you wear animal skins, still we give you a warm welcome in our local, but we hope you open your heart to animals and leave fur-free”.

Len Goldberg publications in the social network Mark Zuckerberg is being widely disseminated among the staunchest defenders of animals. Here we share two of them:

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