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Restorando is associated with Google, TripAdvisor Uber and to enhance the experience at restaurants in Latin America


Restorando, the leading platform for restaurant reservations Latin America, He signed trade agreements with Google, Uber Y TripAdvisor, three recognized companies in Silicon Valley, to improve the dining experience in the region.

The agreement with Google makes Restorando a regional partner for the so-called place actions, a new section on the search results you It allows the user to reserve a table at a restaurant directly from the browser or even from Google Maps.

after searching the word belgrano, The right pane provides additional information about the restaurant and allows users to complete their reservation online and free website Restorando. A similar interface is clear from a search from the giant maps.

1Agreements with technology companies to improve dining experiences

The agreement with TripAdvisor, much appreciated by restaurants, It has similar characteristics but is aimed at a different audience: foreign or domestic tourists who consult TripAdvisor to view photos and read reviews now also have the possibility of making a reservation online and free in Restorando.

From today, Section Restaurants TripAdvisor offers the possibility to secure a table at the best restaurants from Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Cartagena, Lima, Santiago and Mexico City, among other cities.

The alliance with Uber is offering a free travel to or from a restaurant to all those who have reserved your table with Restorando and are new users of the transport service online in sixteen cities in Latin America. In this way, diners can enjoy a comfortable and free ride when eating out.

Gaston Irigoyen, Chief Marketing Officer de Restorando assures: "We are very proud to have signed strategic alliances with leading companies that we admire and whose services we use daily. These three agreements will enable us to raise the standards of our industry, helping millions of diners discover relevant restaurants for every occasion and unforgettable experiences every time you go out to eat ".


Latin American food fanatic and lover of technology, Irigoyen says "our goal is that the experience of eating out with Restorando is always overcomes". It is precisely where the book becomes indispensable: besides being free and avoid waiting for a table, It allows the user to access exclusive benefits such as discounts, glasses welcome and free travel Uber. The app also has a loyalty program where every booking sum points are exchanged for dining experiences.

About Restorando

Restorando, the platform restaurant reservations leader in Latin America, works with more than 5000 restaurants and it has been used by 20 millions of people there. The company's main objective is to improve the experience when eating out at a restaurant and it focuses on three main pillars: a web site and mobile applications to discover the best restaurants in town, connect diners and restaurants in real time by booking, and provide unforgettable experiences during output.

Based in Buenos Aires, Restorando was founded in 2011, Has got $22 million funding from national and international investors and has offices in San Pablo, Bogota and Mexico City. More information in Restorando.com.

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