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Resuinsa reinforces its image abroad and aims to export more than 120 in countries 2019. Interview with Martin Berasategui, brand ambassador

  • The general director of the textile company, Félix Martí, underlines the commitment of the company to strengthen its presence abroad during the celebration of 40 anniversary of the signing.
  • the act, held in Valencia, came the chef Martin Berasategui, new brand ambassador in the world, who was accompanied, among others, by the president of the Chamber of Commerce José Vicente Morata.

Resuinsa, Valencian company with international, expert in the design and manufacture of textiles for catering, announced today that the challenge of the company for the next three years going through export to more than one hundred twenty countries on five continents and raise the percentage of overseas sales to more than half of total turnover in 2015 reached the 32,5 millions of euros.

These goals were unveiled by Felix Martí, CEO of Resuinsa, during the ceremony held in Valencia to commemorate the 40 anniversary of the commercial and attended, among others, the San Sebastian chef Martin Berasategui, who over the next three years will be an ambassador for the company in the world.

"We currently have presence in 81 countries and the percentage of business in the international market ranges from 40 and the 45 percent. In the short term we have set the challenge to overcome 120 countries and the volume of sales abroad exceeds 50 percent of the total ", Félix Martí clarified who does not even rule out that this new expansion strategy is accompanied by the opening of new subsidiaries to join the six that are currently operating in Panama, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cape Verde, United States and Mauritius.

40 Resuinsa anniversary

40 Resuinsa anniversary

To try to achieve these objectives Resuinsa recently signed an agreement with the San Sebastian chef, Martin Berasategui, who over the next three years will be the brand ambassador in the world. "This marriage was seen coming years. Both Resuinsa like Martin Berasategui we are called to grow career, related values ​​and goals, "remarked Berasategui, the only Spanish chef with seven Michelin Star.

Resuinsa held this morning his 40 anniversary with a ceremony at the headquarters of the company in Alboraia (Valencia), They attended by more than a hundred personalities from the business world, hospitality and catering. During the round of speeches, Félix Martí Olivares, Company founder, He recalled the beginnings of this family business that has come here thanks to the "generosity, humility, empathy and job well done "; of all who have been part of Resuinsa.

Those words received congratulations from President of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia, José Vicente Morata, who put Resuinsa as an example of Valencian companies that are leaders in their industry and have been able to open to the outside and "compete one on one".

Interview with Martin Berasategui

"The lamb and cow Galicia are exceptional products"

He gets up every day at seven o'clock, breakfast plum, Three walnuts and yogurt and takes a walk through the woods more than an hour. So start each day Martin Berasategui (Saint Sebastian, 1960) the only Spanish chef with seven Michelin stars. "I try to make a healthy life," while acknowledging that loves to eat and drink. It recently accomplished it 41 years since it began in the office and celebrate the anniversary in Valencia, where he has been invited by Resuinsa, the leading firm in the field of textiles for hotels.

He 40 Resuinsa anniversary

He 40 Resuinsa anniversary

-Have you had a vacation?

I have a lot of work and I am forced to travel the world. yes, whenever I have two free hours I like to go to San Sebastian and take a walk along la Concha, see the fishing boats leave from the port, see a sunrise from the lighthouse or recreate the wonder of Peine de los Vientos. I've always been in love with the city where I was born and grow and when I have free time I like to be here is where I have my best friends and my family and where I Tambor de Oro Year 2005. -Carries 40 years in the world of hospitality.

(interrupts) I just made 41 years this week. In this I started in the year 1975 and I held in Valencia where I have invited my friends d Resuinsa are also birthday.

-And to celebrate these 41 years in the world of cooking, What would they eat?

I would like a royal red shrimp and dill, then warm slightly pickled cucumber oyster granita and k5 txakolí, curd sea urchins and seaweed served with anise and as much as Martin Resuinsa

Berasategui are two companies that already meet over 40 years, that is to say, are two companies with eggs, Reposado as an egg in a liquid herb salad.

-He has always said he likes to lead teams

Yes, He has always liked to teach and share. Everything that happens in my house has common sense, search for connection with the audience that welcomes us and refined cuisine with a gift of taste.

-What he likes cooking?

It depends on the season. At this time it can be a pretty good, a razor or a crawfish. If we talk about vegetables, some green beans or a pochas that now we have wonderful or lamb we have in this stunning country or a calf or a cow from Galicia. And fruits, a few apricots and currants and if we refer to herbs, Now we have everything: basil, mint, oregano, rosemary ... We are in a privileged environment.

-And if we talk about cutting-edge cuisine?

It would make a truffle mushrooms and fermented cabbage soul Jerez oil

-And something more traditional?

Prepare a cod omelette, a few grilled sardines and hake cheeks.

-It is able to whet your appetite just talking. I always say that I am a carrier of happiness through the kitchen.

-Are you living the Spanish cuisine its particular golden age?

Certainly no. We must seize this historic moment, cook with the same humility that when no one knew us and keep working a different culinary. We are facing a kitchen that has marked an era, Spanish chefs are being applauded around the world and you have to keep the same energy and the same club that we had to get here.

-In addition to work, Is there any other ingredient that has caused this?

I think the kitchen in this country are living in a different way and also in recent decades have been touched by the wand of the elect. We are generations that know us well and we have a huge kitchen background, of craft and all good chefs in the world taken as a reference. In this country we have great respect for older people and young people are eager to learn from older. Art in the kitchen has gone from teachers to students and offer spectacular formulas. All dishes are made in this country hide much know-how. We have to continue kissing perfection and seeking the most exquisite histori to continue doing business as usual-

-Martin Berasategui advises on multi cuisine restaurants hotels mdiferentes world countries such as Mexico. How do you get hit with the likes of each site?

Since dating Mexico I have to say it is a country that I love. One day the family came Escarrer de Mallorca, who they are fans of my kitchen and great friends, and they proposed me a project to go to the Caribbean to mpodía not you say no. As with everything in life you have to be able to study, look what customers want those hotels that will then have extraordinary professionalism and a team that knows how to interpret my ideas with raw materials that exist in those countries. Then you need to be a freak quality, share experiences and ideas with those of your team and have enough humility to listen to customers. You have to let your hair Dare. Having no fear, ni pereza, or shame and especially meet with charming kindness, be humble, always with the feet on the floor of the site that welcomes you and I to mine that is nothing to invent dishes in every country where I want.

-Did you ever dreamed of getting to obtain seven stars Michelin?

-No, it is impossible. When I received the first Michelin star in the family's meals, in Bodegón Alejandro, was the first to be granted a tavern down stairs. That made me dream of being a chef and that university which was super important to me was limited to what I wanted to do. That's when the project that everyone knows is born. Martin Berasategui have a kitchen 350 square meters feed 40 O 45 diners, with two burning fireplaces when it's cold and a terrace to feed when time permits. From there began to arrive the following Michelin stars. All accomplished based determination, perseverance, healthy ambition, to believe in the success of teamwork and having a great team.

-Who works in your kitchen?

We are people who have been together a long time, We compenetramos us and we know perfectly. Some, like me, we have long and have a lot of craft and others are young chefs with impressive strength and freshness that I admire. They are cults, hardworking and willing and together we make this Martin Berasategui I'm not, we are.

-You are the one who has fame, How does this facet of his life?

-very good; I try to be the best cook that I can be and I'm still the same Martin who was lost in the old part of San Sebastian when he did not know anyone. I led by flag and proudly education that my parents gave me. For me fame is something that is earned dish and dessert to dessert. In my home success and failure are measured at each meal and so there is an inevitable pressure but it's something I've been very quiet. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has supported Martin to myo is where I am.

He 40 Resuinsa anniversary

He 40 Resuinsa anniversary

-You have much changed the world of gastronomy in recent 40 years?

All. Does 42 O 43 years when he said he wanted to be apprentice cook with my parents and my aunt they advised me to devote myself to a less mduro job but then it was they who most helped me. I remember my parents using earthenware bowls for roasting, Also charcoal cooking ... that was just a magic show. When I started nobody knew who was cooking. The cook was wedged between four walls and nobody knew his name and was so important to people like us now. We have now been worth the trade and any family that has a son who wants to be a chef looks forward. Those who have experienced this transformation in the Mcocina we are extremely proud of this beautiful profession it is to be part of the party from the kitchen carrying happiness.

-You are a very active person on the Internet, especially on Twitter. How important is communication in a restaurant?

Lotsa. You have to put soul to technology and communication think that without ceiling and you get when you think of that as you start to cook die in the profession. Must be at the time in which we live and think with communication can be moved positive emotions. To be a good professional must communicate. In my case I have the luck that communication and commercial part of the company carries my daughter Anne has 26 years and which I ask more advice because young people see the world with a look and a freshness that we do not have more years.

-And what influence does the Internet in the projection of the brand Martin Berasategui?

It is great from all points of view. We studious and reflective work is what we try to capture from social networks in the coolest way possible.

-What percentage of bookings Martin Berasategui receives through its web?

The percentage grows every month. It is almost one hundred percent.

-Still cooking programs that are so fashionable now on TV?

try them. They are cooks with great wisdom that bring the kitchens to homes and that is welcome. Also they make people to have happy life. I have real admiration for all of them .

-You collaborate with different media, He gets up at seven o'clock, working in different countries ... where does the time?

I am a very big stick, A lot of energy, strength and positivity. I stopped doing a lot of things to be but I cook very well organized.

I've never haggled hours to work and I left tabs if it has been necessary. I'm having a really well with what I like about it is nothing to cook, managing teams and creating new recipes and unpublished techniques practiced only here and bet on the future with his feet on the ground. I'm a maverick daily I do not accept that the maximum is not every day and I have the same enthusiasm as a beginner to fill the diner satisfaction. That is my life. My Dogma is to offer the best of the best of what I can give and I have a great team to right and left front and rear and a family which is wonderful. This brings me everywhere.

-At some point you thought of retiring?

-I was not going through your head. I have the machinery in perfect condition, Oiled and unsurpassed performance. I never envision a Martin without being super busy.

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