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Summary Awards gala The Best Digital Restaurants 2018 in 50 tuits


It was held Gala Awards Presentation TheBestDigitalRestaurants2018 – #TheBestDR18. The first prizes in the world whose objective is recognize the efforts and work in the digital management of the best restaurants and chefs the national scene over the last year.

The awards were divided into three categories: TheBestDigitalRestaurants_Group, the best chain, group or digital franchise restaurants and won Starbucks. TheBestDigitalChef the best chef or cook who was digital chef Quique Dacosta for three Michelin stars, y TheBestDigitalRestaurants_Indie, that awarded the best digital independent restaurant and that was finally awarded to the Silk restaurant&Soy de Madrid.

The awards were a real success in attendance where Eva Ballarín offered attendees a very exciting gala, which she had its reflection in social networks.

The hashtag # TheBestDR18 managed to position itself as one of the main Trending Topic throughout Wednesday afternoon.

In fact, we think that one of the best ways to move you a good summary of what happened yesterday at the Awards Presentation TheBestDigitalRestaurants2018, It is to share this collection with the most relevant tweets event:


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