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Summary of the first day of Hospitality 4.0, the most innovative and disruptive congress hospitality


Hospitality Innovation Planet (HIP), the innovation trade fair for the hotel industry and catering in Spain He has started with a success of attendance, a lot of audience that has filled each of the different rooms IFEMA to enjoy its opening day.

Until next Tuesday 21 February, #HIP2017, will host more than 200 exhibiting firms, more of 900 and innovative solutions 200 business models that will help us understand the profound revolution that is currently experiencing the hotel industry and gastronomy in Spain.

In the opening day It focused on the importance acquired customer experience, with figures of the stature of Kike Sarasola, Rafael Anson Gabriel García Alonso and offering their knowledge and views about.

HIP has been released with a opening session, We are GameChangers, in which it stressed the importance of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Presented and moderated by Eva Ballarín, Program Director Hospitality 4.0 Congress, He has had intervention D. Sotomayor Luis Cueto, general coordinator of the Mayor of the City of Madrid and president of IFEMA, and the two presidents HIP, Hugo Rovira (Director General of NH Hoteles for Spain, Portugal, US and Andorra) Y Octavio Llamas (President of Autogrill Iberia and Restoration Patronal Brands).

Customer experience for five different points of view

5 major issues of utmost importance in our industry and in recent years have experienced a tremendous revolution, turning into basic pillars of our industry, each made up of Summits to be addressed along each of the rooms: marketing, shopping, experiences, people and innovation`

Diego Coquillat He participated as a speaker and presenter in the area of ​​Marketing and Communication, in room number one. He has been responsible for directing and presenting the Summit related to Communication and Marketing.

The goal has been pursued with each of the papers that they have been exposed in this room, It could be divided into three parts:

  • Knowing the levers keys to the new relationship that has been established between customers and restaurants, in particular as regards the process of digital transformation.
  • Reflect on the new opportunities that the digital and techno-adaptation process offers the industry, both from the point of view of end customers, and from that of the hoteliers.
  • Share different professional experiences each of the speakers and their success stories within the professional activity performed.

Here we will focus on the discussion in the Summit of Marketing and Communication Diego Coquillat addressed, making himself a paper, and moderating roundtable which ended up talking about the Digital TRANSFORMATION 4.0.

Marketing and communication in hospitality: Key speakers

At 16:00 Afternoon took the floor Ana Escobar, Director General of Action and Communication, one of the largest communication agencies in Spain and over 20 years of experience in the sector. Escobar stressed that before communicating, we must have a product or service absolutely finished, and from there to start with communication campaigns, which considers an accelerator of mouth-to-mouth traditional.

Diego Coquillat wanted to ask Ana Escobar, how much weight you think you have the digital communication in the hotel industry in recent years. Your answer, proposes a solution in two ways. On the one hand, we must define the client's objectives, from there to choose the means. And in second place, know that although the importance of digital technology has increased in recent years, they keep stressing the importance of choose the appropriate channel for communication in each case.

after Escobar, It is now the turn of Miguel Angel Trabado, a professor of ESERP passionate about training and marketing, he wanted to make a review of the evolution that this has had in recent times. An evolution, as we said, It is based on the Product customization or experience the most. "We've gone from a marketing strategy product to a customer marketing strategy," he stressed.

It has subsequently come the turn of Diego Coquillat, who He has presented a lecture based on the digital transformation process in which the sector currently and how this element It is changing the relationship between the restaurant and the customer. "It is also changing experience" I wanted to stress. Only a model face, one where digital mixed with face, and where much of that experience enjoyed by customers in restaurants and has a lot to do with digital.

He subsequently participated Antonio Kalaf of FEHRACTIVA, a great defender of the transformation process and continuous improvement in hospitality. His speech revolved around how you can add value to this chain of services including hospitality is. FEHR Activa is preparing a digital project that hoteliers will have different web elements that will add value both from the side of overseeing its establishment from the side of recruitment, Reservations, employability, etc. Different elements in this value chain they want to integrate and bring to market.

At 17:30, Elena Solera, Marketing Manager Commerce360, We have shown us how we can better manage our restaurant tables using data. A very interesting lecture in which we move from a passive management, where we expect the customer to come, to active management based primarily on optimizing the peaks and valleys. That is to say, I have enough information to my clients, my environment, as to exercise active actions that allows me to manage the peaks and valleys in the reserves of my restaurare. All this information is a competitive differential: I am able to manage and retrieve data to generate marketing activities that allow me to customize and adapt our target audience.

In the last place Raquel Gonzalez, Communications Director ElTenedor He told us about how loyal our customers, how to transform a critique of a client in an opportunity, how to manage negative reviews or how to make a visibility strategy. Definitely, He has given us a vision of how a restaurant should understand these environments and how to position them.

To end, Diego Coquillat has moderated a panel discussion with Mary Kueppers, CEO de MissTipsi, one of the most successful applications TPV´S and who has managed to integrate all data in the nube.También has participated Alejandro Fresneda, CEO Mr.Noow, a new application that aims to revolutionize the industry and is based on making a digital letter order and pay all in one digital process. Y Ramon Rodriguez, CEO of Price, an application that connects customers with their suppliers and to manage orders.

Conclusions on the day 1 HIP

  1. He client It is much more digitalized the restaurant
  2. Restaurants must digitize their processes and adapt to customer requirements
  3. Restaurants must adapt to new possibilities what digital and digital processing sectors offer.
  4. Restaurateurs are tired of being bombarded them with different digital applications. We look at the American model integration, where different apps are integrated resulting in a much more natural commercial process.
  5. The training it is essential and necessary to accommodate this process of change.
  6. The enormous contribution to the process of digital transformation incorporated relationship between customers and restaurants.

HIP: the reference Horeca

This was the summary of the first day of # HIP2017. The first fair of innovation in the sector in Spain, and you have broadly summarized the first Summit on marketing and communication. Hopefully this is only the beginning of a beautiful story that aims help the hospitality industry to advance, fundamental to the economy of our country.

If you want to see the video summary Diego Coquillat has served on the conclusions of the first day of Hospitality 4.0 you have it available in the CluDiegoCoquillat.

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