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Robin Food Sweeps Twitter with an alien salchichón dedicated to Berasategui


The popular chef David de Jorge, Robin Food, has caused a sensation on Twitter by presenting a fresh duck sausage with pistachios where the reactions are not waiting.

Salchichón itself, He has served as an excuse for pay homage to his great friend and mentor Martin Berasategui, world-renowned chef who has 8 Michelin star, and who has been working and 25 years.

The publication of David de Jorge, which last week was awarded the Protagonists Gipuzkoa Award 2017 "Gastronomy", It was accompanied by a photo in extreme close Peperoni in question, and it seems that Salivary has made to the social network Twitter, in which a conversation thread has started with more than two hundred likes and a few other retweets.

Good vibes, creativity, social networking and prestigious chefs like these, a surefire recipe for cook the perfect viral publication. Here we leave a good account of the special sausage Robin Food and major reactions generated on Twitter. Yum!

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