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Robomart, the first autonomous vehicle carrying fruit and vegetables you wherever you are


Robomart is the latest attempt by a new generation of visionaries automate small food shops that dot our cities.

This could not have devised a autonomous vehicle capable of serving products fresh wherever they are needed. In a kind of fusion between the new supermarket Amazon unboxed and sleepless nights of Telepizza by having a fleet of unmanned delivery vehicles, the prototype Robomart intended to replace greengrocers lifelong.

Did you get? His presentation has been less controversial than other emerging companies in the sector. but detractors Habel, hailos. Heather Kelly, editor of the CNN, it is questionable whether the inclusion of this type of car is really necessary when there are already applications Caviar O Instacart They are offering all kinds of facilities fill the pantry without leaving home.

What seems to ignore it is that it is only acceptable for the big pockets. As he defends the founder of the start-up, Ali Ahmed, reality is that costs exceed a human dealer long the convenience receiving home shopping. In fact, Ali notes that according to data provided by Kantar Wordpanel, in the niche it addresses only the novelty rolling five percent of business provides distribution domiciliary.

Robomart contemplates a scenario in which a simple command via a mobile application You can apply for the passage of autonomous vehicle in front of our home. This kills two birds with one stone. First solve the problem price increase. On the other hand eliminates any reluctance the user could have a third person choose fruits and vegetables. Subject nothing banal according to data from AlphaWise, Morgan Stanley Research, who indicate that 84 percent of customers dismiss the idea of ​​shopping online for this very reason.

Clearly, the solution is intelligent. But ... How can you run a system like this? The creators are very clear, therefore expect the system begins circulate this summer.

An autonomous vehicle equipped with the latest technology

Robomart should be noted that a company is doomed to failure. The vehicle recently presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the fruitful result of a decade of work.

As project participant Inception Program artificial intelligence and machine learning NVIDIA, the vehicle can run for about 120 kilometers at a speed of 25 kilometers per hour without intervention external. NVIDIA circuitry reads the physiognomy of the land by LIDAR sensor array, radar and camera. All information collected is interpreted with the latest software Route Planning, obstacle avoidance it is included coordinated multi-axis motion control (CAN).

This gives, as autonomous driving level refers, level five; the highest. Note that this technology is available to few players in the automotive market, so it means a whole pride for creators.

The period of recharging the batteries will be minimal, Hevo courtesy of Power, who have provided a electric storage system without cabling.

Roughly, outside the vehicle resembles be a refrigerated display case mural on wheels. A large dihedral door equipped with glass allows the trays that initially would carry fruits, vegetables and other vegetables; and they could later be filled with freshly cooked meals, products baked goods or any article of a typical ultramarine.

When the vehicle parked in front of the domicile buyer, This just has to raising the glass plate, take what you want and not worry. Electronic systems installed inside the home food dispenser determine which products were purchased and performs charging the customer account associated, subsequently issuing one tique online.

As for the initial outlay that the stores would have to make, It will not be raised. Robomart offers leasing vehicle for two years and it provides also an customizable application that different businesses can adapt to your trademark.

The way that the Robomart have to travel is not free of obstacles. It is expected that the competition in the sector is fierce. For example, an autonomous vehicle for home delivery and was created long ago by the Sino-Swedish cooperation Moby Mart (but still it required a minimum of human instructions). He number of businesses concerned in the innovation factor will pale in comparison to the amount of fruteros those who care about a damn what revolutionary idea. And of course you can not forget legislative difficulties Some stakeholders has been quick to promote.

Fortunately, we believe that with such a solid project like this all he will walk. Or should we say that everything will roll?

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