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Rodrigo de la Calle, National Prize for Healthy Food # PNG2016


Rodrigo de la Calle has been awarded the National Gastronomy Award Healthy 2016 by Jury National Awards of Gastronomy 2016. Street is one of the leading chefs of the Spanish culinary scene and one of the banners the healthy food.

Throughout his career, Madrid Cook has developed its own style of cooking based on a education and healthy spirit maintaining the present and future trend is more and eat healthier. Creator of the concept Green Revolution and representative of the gastrobotany, mainly used in your kitchen vegetables, vegetables and seasonal fruits, always being the protagonists against meat or fish.

From your restaurant, The GreenHouse, commitment sustainable and healthy cooking, supported mainly in the plant world and countless gastronomic possibilities and his research has led him to incorporate into your cooking superfoods, showing that the gastronomic pleasure and health are compatible.

The news of the prize to the chef It has been very well received by the industry…

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En la página de la Real Academia de Gastronomia encontrarás más información detallada del evento.

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