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RSC, The essential ingredient in your restaurant


Restorers have today much more than food ingredients prepare the recipe for success of your company.

A necessary adaptation of trends in business models, with the hard work that means identifying those profound changes in the industry fads, It adds some time also required the incorporation of the Corporate Social Responsibility (RSC). That is to say, do the right thing for employees, the community and the environment as important and a priority aspect of the business.

Is in the vision and values ​​of the company which they reflect the broad lines of CSR, which it is held in three areas: ethic, altruistic and strategic. The basic theory is to respect, value and not to damage the market, work place, the community or the environment. And if only one of these three areas, strategic, It is designed to generate profits, Studies show that all benefit to restaurants by creating a positive work environment, desirable advertising and a favorable reputation.

RSC, a profitable strategy for restaurants

Strategic social responsibility is taken into account in the financial plan because the money you save for example, through recycling, energy saving and earning money to support cultural events, which then attract diners the establishment. Gluten-free dishes on the menu are another example of serving the dietary needs of the community by creating a source of additional income.

Social responsibility ethics It involves actions as paying workers a fair wage or buy fed beef grass from a local farm, even though it costs more to go through a national provider.

One of the best Examples of treatment of employees is carried out by Starbucks with their benefits program. Starbucks was ranked the 73rd of 100 Best Workplaces in 2012 por CNN Money because all part-time employees get full health benefits. This great example of CSR continues to attract people to work for the coffee giant.

The altruistic activities They include donating goods, services or money without make up the difference by paying employees less or charging more customers.

McDonald’s: Applying a vision 365 RSC

In our sector, the outstanding restaurant is McDonald's. and UK, the practices of giant golden arches are a clear vision 365 RSC: Low energy LED bulbs, energy saving equipment and waterless urinals, and recycling of used cooking oil into biodiesel to supply more than half of its delivery trucks, recycling cardboard boxes used by more than 89% restaurants, Y more than 85% packaging made from renewable resources.

Son Community Partner several Football Associations, working with local clubs, schools, youth teams and junior leagues around the UK, with a program that gives people the opportunity to volunteer and become football coach so they can provide free, high-quality training to young people across the country. Organized garbage daily patrols and work with several environmental charities.

Most of his humanitarian work focuses on supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities, an independent charity that McDonald's has supported since 20 years, offering a “home away from home” for families with children receiving treatment at the hospital, through voluntary customer donations. Invest more than £ 360 million a year in the agricultural industry from United Kingdom, and most of its ingredients come from Great Britain and Ireland, more than 17.500 British and Irish farmers that provide them with ingredients like beef, pigs reared in freedom, eggs from happy chickens, milk and organic potatoes.

I said, a 365 RSC.

RSC nutrition, greater satisfaction for customers

In countries like USA, with a worrying rate of obesity, the results of several studies show that the relationship between the attitudes of consumers towards the dissemination of nutritional information and further evaluation is affected by the initiatives related to CSR. The consumer ratings improve when the company has an existing CSR reputation as healthy products includes options, increasing customer satisfaction. These studies consider the effects are particularly significant in fast food restaurants.

For some companies, the introduction of legislation on nutrition provides an opportunity for strengthen customer relationships and gain advantage over some competitors.

CSR for large catering companies

As CEOs / General / Directors owners become more involved in social responsibility, You may find that the real beneficiaries are their own businesses. A CEO / CEO / Owner intensifying efforts CSR business you will realize that your organization receives much praise from the media.

But to maximize profits, It requires CEO / CEO / owner who is willing to bet heavily and maintain a clear strategy, getting involved in building a strong team around him to support and grow the program. Without a clear program and a motivated team, no results.

By the way, according to a study 2011 from Harvard Business School, “Corporate Social Responsibility and Access to Finance”, companies with a strong commitment to CSR can help ease fears of potential investors, making them more likely to invest. it sounds great, true?

Social Responsibility Working a restaurant

The recommendation is creating a culture of dignity, respect and high ethical standards in your restaurant, adopting responsible policies and procedures and putting them into daily practice at all levels, from administration to the plonge. Examine all areas for possible improvements, where you buy your products to what you do with your trash. Y work with those who believe in your philosophy, including employees, customers, suppliers and colleagues to get profitable ideas that meet your ethical standards.

When thousands of people assume their responsibility towards our communities and our planet, the results can be startling. The good news is that we are beginning!

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