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Sage connected to the HORECA distribution with corner bar with a messaging app


ISV Partner Program brings Sage FoodService Messenger, a 'Whatsapp' facilitating orders between hoteliers and commercial.

If you go to breakfast at a bar near work and you look a little, You see sometimes a seller with a folder and a tablet He is waiting to be served by the hospitality busy. The commercial comes to collect the order and always have to wait a while. Sometimes you take a coffee and this is the third this morning.

Between sips, Whatsapp take the opportunity to review your orders with other restaurateurs who arrived at dawn chascarrillos mixed with groups of friends and cole group of children. As soon as I can It orders the Whatsapp will clean your corporate tablet to reach the center. it will probably sitting in the car parked in the second row before the next visit.

img1With this problem in mind, two restaurateurs decided to create Málaga a 'Whatsapp' to make communicating the simplest orders for hoteliers, commercial and foodservice distributor itself. Shopping Leeks company that has recently joined the program partners ISV Sage, accounting world leader in the cloud, connects with your ERP and makes the order flow into the management system specialized distributor in the HORECA channel from mobile customers and business.

Alvaro Prado, ex hotelier and manager of Shopping Leeks the company behind FoodService Messenger explains the agreement with Sage:

"We connect with any comprehensive management solution Sage, but above all we vibrate in the same wavelength as the new Sage 50c Y Sage 200c, where c is the final connection. Shopping Leeks do that, connect hoteliers and distributors. Now we do it more profitable for the distributor together and easier for the hotel and shopping is on the street. "


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