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Sally specialized in salads rampaging robot in hospitals


Hyperspecialized kitchen robots are finding their way into the catering industry, to slowly but surely.

We've already seen on many occasions and in many different ways. Sometimes as robotic arms employees to turn to a hamburger steak being cooked on a griddle. At other times as mixer robot capable of extracting ingredients prepared in advance of its drawers and mix to create a simple recipe pie plate or bowl. They have also been presented to the public automatic machines able to make coffee without human intervention at any time, 3D printing and food that is also being spurred much encouragement in Spain certainly has a robotic component.

Why the news that Chowbotics is it taking economic performance to one of your bets is not surprising.

Chowbotics is a robotics company founded by Deepak Sekar. From its headquarters in California It has created the robot Sally, specialized in making vegetable salad. The most curious of all is that just half a hundred of these robots are available worldwide. Here is the true heart of the matter. How could Chowbotics taste success when the number of operating units is so low?

The secret is where food mixers. This type of automated machines They work best in environments where demand for their products is continuous. That is its main advantage over a cook or human seller. While people need breaks and balance their working life with their personal life, los robots Sally de Chowbotics work the 24 hours of the day; without a rest, continuously. The only case in which the machines fail to perform their functions if there is damage to the power system, and that's unlikely to Sally units to hospitals.

Indeed, good performance are perceiving in Chowbotics kitchen robots that work should be as Healthy food vending machines in hospitals. First, people in these facilities are more likely to eat healthy foods. This is due in part to the selection of existing food plants is reduced hospital, but also the consumer is exposed to long term result that poor feeding may have on the human body: weakened immune system, obesity, susceptibility to heart disease, etc.

On the other hand, trajín in a hospital is continuous. While it is true that the mental image that prevails at the thought of a health of these features is the open spaces dominated by silence, the reality is that even within this self-imposed calm doctors, specialists, nursing staff, internal and patients come and go constantly.

So Sally, the hybrid robot kitchen and vending machine, this exposed to a large volume of potential consumers, which it is what ultimately led to direct Chowbotics to stardom.

Expectations founder and CEO have been largely overcome. So that the return on investment make buying a logical unit Sally, hospitals have to sell seven bowls of salad every day through the device. Sekar exposes the case of Sally unit located in Las Vegas, what He is receiving a demand for a 120 boles every day. Louisiana Things are not very different, there have installed one of the robots cuisine at the North Oaks Health Care Hospital, thanks to technological innovation now nail 60 O 70 people have access to tasty salads Sally while in the building, and that given that the PLC only takes a few weeks in place and is not well known.

For business venture Chowbotics, the fact that hospital cafeterias close at around two in the morning is being helpful. In this way, for much of the day only they have to compete against other vending machines, which they are comparatively more outdated and less consumption invite.

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Because of the initial success they are experiencing, Sekar team is evaluating the possibilities of geographical expansion. Hospitals have gone from being happy to become the main objective when climbing the restore operation of the company devises.

When hands are put to work, in Chowbotics They will have an additional advantage. Besides the low level of competition that exists in the environment, Sekar is collecting a large volume of information about consumer habits and customs of their potential clientele.

This has been achieved thanks to the IoT capabilities Sally. Whenever a customer decides to make a salad on the menu and enter the food processor to make your selection of salad, all transaction information is sent to the offices of Chowbotics for storage and analyzes on a macrodata.

Thus they can be inferred trends in the best recipes, the amount of ingredients needed to replenish and how often the task should run, When sales are made, what prices are more attractive to customers and other data that will help style, undoubtedly, Chowbotics to make better business decisions.


But far from being his only strategy, Sekar company has decided not to bet all the same number. Diversifying is wise. Hence since last year is working for Sally work with more than just salads. At this very moment early versions of Sally equipped to prepare Indian food bowls, Mediterranean and Latin are coming out of factory. With these new models are intended to reach a larger number of guests interested in eating healthily at any time of day, even when extraordinary circumstances are displaced outside their usual home.

Sally is changing the atmosphere in the corridors of hospitals, and it seems that it will continue in years to come.

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