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Salt Bae, Turkish sensual chef revolutionizes Internet


Slide your sharp knife carefully around the meat, away fat. Then the up and hits several times. Finally, places it on the table and, after filetearla, pours salt. This own routine of any butcher, He has served the chef Nusret Gökçe to conquer networks thanks to its peculiar way of slicing and salting meat cooking.

Sensual and carnal videos that this Turkish chef, owner and chef of the restaurant chain Nusr-It Steakhouse, up to his Instagram they have sought, One day to another, thousands of followers and the world famous. The same won the title of "Salt Bae" O, as we say in Spanish, the "boy of salt" and has the honor of becoming the first meme 2017. Gökçe reinvents the concept of food porn by handling the knife and his elegant way of rubbing salt into the meat.

How could it be otherwise, social networks have not stopped spicing up the already consistent body of literature on the subject more reinterpretations of videos Salt Bae. Some of them have no waste, as we can see in BuzzFeedNews Y Bored Panda. Worth walk on their own Instagram and check the provocative ability to work Gökçe meat. And it is that so salty chef could not help conquer networks.

Ottoman steak 🔪

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  1. Very good Diego,

    In my opinion you are the best knows how “promocionar the marketear” Restaurants in Spain.

    So that, I have some questions for you:

    1. How important is the main cook in promoting the restaurant and because many chefs do not promote their restaurant with their personal branding?

    2. It has changed promote the kitchen in the last 5 years? And you think will happen in the next 5 years? (As for trends in the interiors of the restaurants and social media marketing)

    Thank you.

  2. Hello Cristian, Thanks for your opinion about my work. Regarding questions, the cook is a key piece of equipment a restaurant, but as in sport you must be surrounded by a good team so that things go well. Respect to personal branding, I sincerely believe that the challenge is to maintain a healthy balance, overstaffed brand can turn it into a “rock star” and that's not good in the long run for a restaurant not promote nor is positive because there is no personal or differentiators.
    In the next 5 years a lot can happen, the process of digital transformation of the sector goes very fast, will create new networks, app’s, utilities and even needs, but the key is on coexistence between digital and face, the “off” and the “on”, there are moments of consumption in restaurants for all needs, at times we need a very lengthy restaurant and other very human, nothing is going to invade anything, everything will complement.

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