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San Francisco fills its restaurants robots


San Francisco has become the world center robotics restoration. The city is again birthplace of another wave of transformative technology, As expected given the proximity of Silicon Valley, locality that influences significantly in the future of the city.

The robots are present in the Californian city not only in technological development centers, universities and engineering schools. Catering establishments and some companies food home delivery are already making use of the most advanced models.

Food mixers They are more common than one might think at first. Many times, PLCs are hidden in the back of the restaurant, out of sight consumer, which can mislead.

One of the few exceptions to this fact is the Creator, a restaurant in vogue in the city that has a robotic chef. This is one of the first hamburgueserías everyone who has dared to try their luck with robotics for restoration. There, the machine is responsible for preparing hamburgers according to preprogrammed recipe.

The owner of the highlights low operating, which in turn translates the customer notice a final amount greatly reduced, while unprocessed ingredients and the resulting hamburger are much higher those of the big fast food chains. For about 5 € visitors can taste a hamburger comparable to segment gourmet.

coffee X It is another local who use robots as claim. Upon entering the home, the client will see a robotic arm after a cylindrical case. The machine prepares cafeteria there products have on the order list, and the customer picks up as soon as the controller leaves on the table.

Most models robotics to restore meet very specific tasks. In addition to assemble burgers and coffee, there are models on the market that baked pizzas, They make smoothies, mixed salads or knead bread.

Many of the robots to be used in the near future in the catering sector are intended to work closely with human workers. It is what has been agreed to call cobótica the collaborative robotics. While the PLC strives to complete simple or repetitive tasks with high efficiency, employees can engage in complex tasks that require analysis, inventiveness or imagination.

It is why many industry analysts believe that the staff of the restaurants will not abate in the near future, the only event taking place will be a change in its terms of reference, tasks and objectives.

Proponents of workers are not so sure, and exemplified staff cuts made McDonald’s after installing their new self-service kiosks touch establishments providing.

Reality, as usual, It is complex. While in a fancy restaurant, where personal attention and service are priority tag, is feasible the robotics Restore the waiters move, the situation in a fast food franchise can be very different.

restaurants begin to appear in the template is formed by two or three engineers who manage devices, cooks or service without human camaraderie. It is possible that over time, this business model is assimilated by the population, to the detriment of those more traditionally managed.

Returning to San Francisco, potential socioeconomic changes bring head to restorers, labor unions, analysts and others involved.

Robots can work 24 Daily hours, 7 Days of the week, without any vacation, sick and similar. further, They do not require an ongoing expense; after the initial investment just have to spend some money to their adjustment or maintenance. Any amount that add, It is always less than the money for the salaries of a professional.

And while the economic advantages of robotics are stacked restaurants, San Francisco workers are struggling to get the government of California legislates a higher minimum wage they receive for their dedication in bars and restaurants today.

On the other hand, Machines do not make mistakes. An employee can drop a glass or a plate, try inappropriately to a diner or served the wrong meal on a table, with the corresponding economic damage this entails for the restorer. With robots, This does not happen. According to Hung Yu, owner and developer conceptual X Cafe, thanks to its robotic coffee can serve high quality coffees, with homogenous characteristics. Who pass by the Cafe X always enjoy a coffee with the same flavor: goodbye to unexpected changes.

The lobbies supporting the generalization of robotics in restaurants advocate the benefits they bring: shorter waiting times for customers, lower prices, better product quality, eliminating repetition injuries among workers, higher quality employment and so on.

If at the end robotics restoration it is adopted as a new business model valid, then it is foreseeable that there is a cascade of changes that will be unstoppable.

One of the fears that exist among intellectual circles is that robotics bring a democratization of "good food". San Francisco in American bread sales have fallen in Bay Area since in the area have installed robotic vending Le Bread Xpress kneading and baking French bread quality at derisory prices. Consumers perceive that this product is superior and change their consumption habits, adversely affecting the local business.

In an extreme case that this would lead to a giant food restaurant or lograse corner the market with specialized robots for restoration displacing any competitor and establishing a monopoly de facto.

further, once one begins the widespread deployment of existing models, It is expected to appear exponentially machines covering every possible niche. Robotics transformation and restoration would be complete.

It is difficult to predict what the future holds, and further position, It is aware that there are arguments both for and against technology. Whenever hipercapitalistas circumstances are met where we sunk, the trend seems to be a Widespread adoption of robotics for restoration in search of higher profit margins.

And in San Francisco is an era of change has already begun.

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