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San Sebastián Gastronomika revving


DiegoCoquillat.com and Aplus Gastromarketing join forcesHe came the big moment. San Sebastián Gastronomika, one of the events par excellence of international cuisine, will open its doors 8 al 11 October revolving around a world full of feelings and nuances to discover. This year, India is the country that will reach greater role in this new edition dedicated to the exotic and innovative, welcoming participants will gather at the Kursaal Palace on Sunday.

Definitely, This year Congress will depart an enigmatic journey where traditional Indian cuisine merge with the latest culinary trends, tikka masala the meat, curry, the tandoor, the growing avant-garde cuisine and suggestive streetfood. Most seductive scents and flavors mergers secret pleasure will cause all the most demanding palates.DiegoCoquillat.com and Aplus Gastromarketing join forces

The starting gun will give it the most important chefs of Indian cuisine, where they stand out Ivan Surinder, Varun Mohan Y J.P. Singh, Delos followed symposia, tastings and workshops of the most distinguished national and international chefs, as Martin Berasategui, Juan Mari Arzak, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Pedro Subijana, Karlos Arguiñano, Hilario Arbelaitz, Eneko Atxa Y josean Alija, among many others.The chefs will present their latest developments and give attendees the opportunity to sample from different culinary creations auditorium.

How could it be otherwise, Aplus Gastromarketing will be present at the congress with his partner macro, official provider San Sebastian Gastronomika and one of the relevant firmasmás the company agroalimentario.Dicha industry will play his mentor role in Aula Makro, place to be established again as a meeting point for culinary and oenological art, where figures such of Firo Vázquez, Rodrigo de la Calle, Javi Peña, Chema Soler, José Roldan, Fernando Canales, Diego Gallegos Y Jesús Almagro;Custodio López Zamarra, Andrea Alonso Y Marta Modrego They will offer tasting tailoring and different chefs representatives The blue cordon, Basque Culinary Center, Sempio, Porto Mills, Koppert Cress, Unilever, Mapfre Foundation, Facyre Y Semes They will delight the audience with their presentations, tastings and live demonstrations.

Welcome to San Sebastian Gastronomika 2017.DiegoCoquillat.com and Aplus Gastromarketing join forces

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