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Valentine's Day 2.0 : As love your customers through social networks


The day of Valentine's Day It is a very special day for all lovers, and one of the best ways to celebrate is to go to dinner with your partner to your favorite restaurant.

Many restaurants prepare special menus for that night and create a romantic atmosphere for your customers.

The choice of restaurants is extensive, but a way to differentiate yourself, to attract and retain customers is to use some of the techniques SMR(Social Media Restauranting).

Thus, the propongo 5 very simple ideas SMR for that night also a success for your restaurant:

1.- Prepare your website for the lovers :

As we already know, Many customers / love, They will search the internet for a restaurant before making a decision.

Internet searches for terms like “romantic dinners” Y “San Valentin”, They multiply exponentially over the next few days, as you can be seen in Google Insights in the following graphs:

It is therefore very important that you have prepared in your Web browser is landing page or landing page enthrall for this type of client you are looking for these days a very specific product. Post your menu and create an environment in your website that the user quickly identify and…I bought it!

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Do not rule out making a adWords campaign for these search terms to improve your visibility.

2.- Communicate with your customers through a mailing :

Sure you have a database with many mails from your customers, And if it's not that way, do not waste time and start collecting it and he was!

Send them a mail informing them of the proposal that your restaurant has prepared for them on Valentine's Day.

But please, You do not send the mail you're wearing sending the last 10 years, with the matter “Valentine menu”, large print text and the attached menu in pdf or doc…¡no!

Try to be a little more creative, your customers receive hundreds of emails a day and you have to differentiate, there are many applications on the market, most of them free, allowing you to make fully controlled deliveries and many templates to get a professional design, my favorite is MailChimp.

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3.- Take advantage of Facebook to attract new fans and customers :

These are dates that people are very favorable to participate in surveys, contests and promotions related to Valentine's Day and for that kind of content Facebook is perfect.

Create an event or special promotion on your Facebook page, I'm sure you'll get a good number of fans and it is very likely that over time and with a content “authentic” the you to become customers.

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4.- Cupido now has bird form and is called Twitter :

We all know that “cherub” with wings and arrows of love called Cupido, as well, it seems that technology has reinvented itself and is now a bluebird, It called twitter and sends tweets.

And it is that these days this social network will be fraught with romantic content, taking a leading role declarations of love like this :

Pay close attention to hashtag #SanValentin, since you are getting very interesting ideas, You can even monitor local searches for clients.

In addition to this hashtag you can promote your romantic menu with a special offer through twitter, as they are already doing some restaurants.

5.- Get the lovers in your neighborhood via Foursquare :

Those who read this blog, you know that one of the topics that I'm focusing more strongly in this new year is customer proximity, the client who live or work near the restaurant.

Using a special promotion for this day Foursquare you're going to get something very interesting is that your promo online have a clear impact on the off-line, in the face and in the near.

All lovers who are for your area and look at Foursquare a restaurant to surprise your partner will be able to see your promotion but with a value in the hospitality know that increasingly more upside trading, the closeness.

I hope that with these actions SMR(Social Media Restauranting) you get love fill your restaurant customers and happy, and as I always say, And more in these times…You can not lose a customer!

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