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Valentine's Day 2020: marketing strategies for Valentine's Day in restaurants


Only some Christmas celebrations and dates very indicated can compete with the volume of business that generates Lovers Day in restaurants. in EE. UU., According to data from the National Restaurant Association in the country, Valentine's Day is the second most important day for restaurant owners, only behind Mother's Day.

So that, and taking into consideration that eating out of home is not a practice so widespread in Spain and Latin America during the Mother's Day, there are good arguments to justify Valentine's Day It is the most important day in restaurants in the region.

In 2019, OpenTable Y Toast published their predictions for the 14 February that year. One day it is falling on Thursday and thus would experience a sales metrics very different from the usual.

Specific, increased reserves 433% regarding a typical Thursday. The impact that has on Valentine restaurants sector during this day is even more evident when it serves only reserves tables for two. In this case the percentage increase on a Thursday was either a 764%; that is to say, almost eight times more than normal.

further, sales associated with these reserves have an additional feature that will interest owners eaters: the average amount per transaction is situated a 32% above what would be expected in any other day. In summary, in February 2019 restaurants saw a greater influx of people and an individual consumption above the average.

OpenTable data and Toast are corraborados by national statistics. In this case it is ElTenedor which it provides us with authoritative information on the reality of life in Spanish restaurants for the Valentine's day. According to the provisions of this booking portal, a 85% of couples will go on eating out in this special date. Addressing the traffic statistics ElTenedor, this amounts to about 1.6 million visits. Considering that the average expenditure of couples is among the 50 and 100 €, the restorer is in an ideal position to capitalize on the conclusion.

But ... how do? Good, First may be interested in offering Additional services other than food. As just indicated, the average expenditure per holder does not exceed 50 €, Nevertheless Spaniards spent € 71 on average per person during the Valentine 2019. In addition to eating out, consumers complement the romantic evening with many other items: roses, chocolates and various gifts. The restaurant can take this willingness of the client to buy some additional items and offer items most in demand during this time.

Another option is not limited to lovers. A 67% Spanish celebrates this day by eating at a restaurant, but only 50% of the population has couple. This reveals that during Valentine, there is a line parallel business associated with the 14 February.

We talk about family meals led lasting marriages that come to celebrate their love with their children, and higher, and even grandchildren. Also held parallel lunches and dinners with single friends, The objective of these meetings is to prevent the prevailing romanticism in the air will end up undermining the morale of those without a partner. The idea is that no one is left alone on a day that celebrates love, whether platonic or not. He 19% of those who celebrate this day give special attention to family, while a 2% He does the same with his circle of friends.

In a recent publication, It emphasizes the following possibilities marketing best restaurants for this date:

  • Provide supplements in early bookings
  • Regale customers satisfied with a small parting gift
  • Collaborate with local businesses to mutually reinforce selling your products or services
  • Adapt the premises to the conclusion to stand out from competitors restaurants
  • Encourage those who made the reservation to provide personal information to model the user experience to your taste
  • Facilitate local expertise can be shared on social networks by those who visit the establishment
  • Have a student menu if the restaurant is in a college town
  • Ensure that marriage proposals not get caught off guard staff

To all this must be added the profile of users interested in booking at the restaurant and when they do. The professional sector will be interested to know that the time to start the campaign Valentine is now. The number of searches starts to rise slowly from late January, gets traction during the first days of February and experiencing exponential growth between days 11 Y 14 of the month.

The vast majority of those who celebrate this festival are lovers who share some habits that can serve to recreate a profile of the customer. They like TV shows and multimedia content, pets and fast food. They are also adept internet users, This is demonstrated year after year because a higher percentage of bookings come from business online. Only during this 2020 It is expected to have an annual percentage change in the 18% in users coming through Google. In general, Valentine's Day, an imported fashion from EE. THE. decades, It generates increasing interest: searches related to this celebration on the network will increase 15% about 2019.

you just have to take into consideration that women less than 45 years are the main consumers of video Valentine YouTube to realize that this trend is here to stay. Currently the 34% of men and 30% Women investigate about which restaurant to visit, while a 11% of men and 14% Women are interested in concerts available for Valentine's Day. Emerge and other possible strategy marketing for this one 14 February 2020: The dinner show.

Anyway, professionals recommend restaurants put all eggs in roaster. There are only a few days for next Valentine, and love is in the air. Love your customers with an unforgettable experience and makes the most of the festival.

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