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Valentine's Day 2021: Nine out of ten Spaniards now value having a date at a restaurant more than before COVID-19

  • According to a study by ElTenedor, more than 60% of diners plan to celebrate Valentine's Day and a 62% of them will do it in a restaurant, if circumstances allow.
  • Book «online» and in advance, eat instead of dinner and spend between 25 and € 50 per person are the trends that will mark this special day
  • Regarding how confinement and COVID-19 have affected relationships, he 38% of respondents think they have strengthened their relationship, while a 85% thinks that finding a partner in these times is a real challenge
  • A travel to Paris, an appointment with Rafael Nadal or a dinner at El Celler de can Roca, among the favorites for a dreamy and idyllic Valentine

Although we are facing some uncertain and intense months due to COVID-19, it is undoubted that the 14 February is a date saved by fire in the calendar of many couples, and even more for those people who have had to be separated from their other half for long periods of time. According to a study by ElTenedor, more than 60% of those surveyed will celebrate Valentine's Day in one way or another. The online booking app has wanted to analyze what are the trends this year, how the relationships of Spanish diners have changed and what plans do they have for such a special day.

The pandemic has made us value things that we previously thought were routine and simple, such as going to do the shopping, go for a walk or dinner at a restaurant. After spending months in our homes and finding ourselves when leaving with some mobility and leisure limitations, he 90% of diners say they now value having a restaurant date even more, something that just a year ago could seem unthinkable.

Many of them, for that reason, have decided to celebrate Valentine's Day in a restaurant (62%), if circumstances allow, while the rest prefer to stay in house with a romantic and intimate plan (31%) u organizing a getaway through your city (6%).

Reserve to eat, Mediterranean cuisine and an average cost of between € 25-50

But we have not only given importance to those small actions, but many have returned to the traditional. If last year more than a third opted for more creative kitchens, this year more than 27% choose a traditional-mediterranean restaurant to celebrate love. Meanwhile, a 25% will try to surprise you with the latest culinary trends with a more author cuisine and a 20% will opt for more exotic dishes.

It seems that, from one year to another, tastes have changed for diners, but not the average expense that will be allocated to this very important dinner and which is similar to that of previous years. On average, he 60% will spend between 25 and € 50 per person in a restaurant, while a 27% ensures that you will make a disbursement of more than € 50 per person.

As we have seen this year, Booking has become essential when going out for lunch or dinner. And on this date it will not be less. Almost he 50% of the diners will make their reservation online to secure your table and have the perfect date. further, due to restrictions, more than 47% celebrate Valentine's Day at lunch instead of dinner Y a 30% you have booked in advance than in other years.

COVID-19 has also affected our consumption habits and when choosing a restaurant for Valentine's Day this year, diners pay special attention to: the price / quality ratio (70%), the opinions (47%), The Cuisine (41%) and the security measures applied by the restaurant (38%).

The COVID-19: reinforce couples, but it makes it more difficult to find one

If we look back and go back to just a year ago, normality would have given us pictures as typical as movie theaters and theater full of couples or arrival terminals at airports and stations with dozens of people with a bouquet of flowers in their hands. But life has changed, couple relationships have been altered in some way, also in a positive way. That's why, what he 38% ensures that COVID-19 has strengthened his relationship as a couple and another 37% you think it hasn't affected your relationship at all. Quite significant data when seeing that only he 7% thinks that is the reason why he has broken up with his partner.

But not all have lived with a partner during these months, rather, there is a large part of the population that the situation has caught them single and has not made things easy for them when it comes to finding that special person. Many of them, more than 85%, confesses that with the restrictions we have and have had, it is a real challenge to find a partner in these times. Even so, he 25% of them think that digital applications make it easier for you to find your better half. And it is that the Internet has become he 69% of respondents the main ally when looking for a partner during COVID-19.

A travel to Paris, a date with Rafa Nadal or a dinner at El Celler de Can Roca ...

After a difficult year to travel, if we could choose an idyllic place to celebrate a most romantic weekend, he 19% of those surveyed are clear that it would be Paris, the city of love. Nevertheless, other destinations like Bali (15%), NY (14%), Roma (12%) about Tokyo (11%) are among the most desired.

But let's go back to Spain and the reference restaurants of our country. If it's your Valentine's dream dinner, El Celler de Can Roca would be the most desired restaurant (26%) to be invited, followed by DiverXO (16%), El Bohio (11%) and Roots of Carlos Maldonado (8%).

By last, many people dream of having a date with a relevant person in our society, either from the world of sports, of cinema or music. Rafael Nadal, Pablo Alboran, Blanca Suarez, David Broncano or Cristina Pedroche are some of the favorite characters of the Spanish to have that romantic date this Valentine.

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