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Santander Work Café, a good example of how entertainment can become an added service


It is very interesting to observe how some sectors being collected and implanting the essence or the DNA of hotels and restaurants, this is none other than hospitality, Greeks already defined it as "love, affection or kindness to guests or strangers ".

And is that, looks like it could be a safe bet to offer a good product or service and sauté with this intangible, what every day is more valuable, as hospitality service, so common in today's gastronomy.

If we think in sectors with less favorable treatment affable and cordial relations, probably on that list would be among the first banking, although this trend seems to be changing, but often times some tension, where conflicts of different nature arise from an almost natural way. dissatisfied customers, long waiting time, unnecessary bureaucracy, etc.

Against this background, the question arises; What if this context of possible conflicts we add in an environment of hospitality and “good vibes” to erase the image drastically preconception of the client and encourages personal relationships, labor and even emotional?

As one of the best examples that combines these aspects are Santander Work Café, places that combines a concept of working with a service based on hospitality through space coworking and a cafe, that break with the classic vision of the office of the Banco de Santander or any other entity.

Among younger workers, to run their business without having to rent or buy a property, and be free to space and temporarily relocate their work, It is a highly valued asset.

So every day spaces appear over coworking, especially for all those free professionals who prefer the lifestyle of a digital nomad.

In Spain this initiative It is available in five locations in Madrid: Paseo de Recoletos, Calle Velázquez, Plaza of the Sacred Hearts, Calle Conde de Peñalver y Calle Luis Moya Blanco (Valdebebas). During the year 2020 Work will extend its coffee to places like Barcelona, Málaga, Valencia, among others. The group already has more than 60 "Work cafes" around the world.

Services meet there a shared workspace, a bank office use and a cafe, all with extended hours between week.

At the reach of these mixed branches, the host receives the user to provide the service you need: rent a meeting room, talk to a bank manager or head to the shared workspace.

There other snacks are offered as buns, snacks and chocolates of exceptional quality. And best of all, the payment card the bank is rewarded with 30% off, so the service is very affordable even for those freelancers who start their business career.

The whole environment is topped with a lot of audiovisual services They are making use of huge digital screens, telematics systems group communication as Santander Smart Talks, bulletin boards and online communities for discussion and exchange of cross-business opportunities.

Banco Santander's bid meets the need of the banking sector reform to continue serving its customers. This cafe and shared workspace is a first step to integrate entertainment as a service in those sectors most hostile, we are confident that others will join this initiative.

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