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Sara Nicholas, chef Voramar, recommended restaurants participating in the contest 'Best Arroces’


Sara Nicholas, boss of Voramar, It is very clear and, thus, restaurants invites all to participate in the new edition of 'Best Arroces’. Nicholas argues that "best Arroces He has attracted many customers with their advertising ". He was the winner of the first edition and its rice bet not only wowed the jury but served as a focus of attraction for diners eager oceanside.

The first edition of the contest 'Best Arroces’ He awarded the first prize to Sara Nicholas, Voramar restaurant chef (Tarragona). His recipe creamy rice with shiitake and Iberian pork with foie mayonnaise it impressed both the jury and the customers who came to the restaurant to try it during the contest.

Rice is the specialty of this Beachfront restaurant who wanted to reinvent your usual recipe for submission to the contest. After trying different ingredients and flavors, They decided to incorporate the stars dish the foie and the shiitake. Now, account, Rice is the most requested clients, "Since we won and put it in the letter we have found that it works very well, Our customers love!”.

Experience in 'Best Rices', Sara highlights the advertising campaign that made his restaurant helped attract customers, "many customers were curious to try the winning recipe". In addition to the benefits for your restaurant, also shows his personal testimony "the organization was wonderful and is an experience I recommend, I'm very happy having participated ".

The Location his restaurant has always played in his favor, It is allowing them to be raw material closely, and also have a very wide range of dishes. The young chef invited to visit the restaurant to sample its signature dish, But in addition, their other specialties like monkfish with seafood, black rice or rice with lobster.

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