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Month is celebrated the Rabo de Toro 2016 in Madrid


The Gastronomical Cuartas aim, the promoción del plato de RABO DE TORO in catering establishments.

Por medio de un Menú Especial que distintos Restaurantes ofrecerán en Madrid durante un mes, day 1 al 31 May 2016, the only price 27,50 € (VAT included), guests can enjoy:

An entry + PLATO oxtail + Dessert or coffe + the drink

Oxtail is a typical Spanish cuisine dish usually prepared as a stew oxtail or beef, although in many restaurants and very different recipes they are made regularly in his letters. And thatn this time where it reaches a special role to be held San Isidro Fair in Madrid on various bullfights in the Plaza de Las Ventas.

A symbol of union between gastronomy and world culture del Toro

This hospitality promotional action It will be extended for one month, período aconsejable para que todos los restaurantes participantes reciban la

rabo de toro

Oxtail month in Madrid 2016

visit customers to meet their menu.

The restaurants present in the Gastronomic Days Cuartas Oxtail MONTH TORO IN MADRID, a total of 26 establishments, will be the following: Ananías, Café Colón, Casa Pedro, Cruz Blanca Vallecas, Docamar, Elder King of Wines, Café Opera, Market Velázquez, the Pittacus, Rincon de Esteban, blacksmith, Jardin de Recoletos, La Casa del Abuelo, the Gaditana, Los Arcos de Ponzano, Los Cigarrales, the Galayos, Manolo 1934, Max Madrid, Meigadas, If you want rice Catherine, Samarkanda, Tres Mares, Firefly, Vinateros 28, Viña del Marqués and also with the collaboration of Associations Hosteleras: THE VINEYARD- Corporate Hospitality Association of the Community of Madrid and AMER - Madrileña Association of Restoration and the Madrid Academy of Gastronomy.

To facilitate its proximity, you can download the information in the website: www.mesdelrabodetoro.com and the application Saborea Madrid, VINEYARD the App for mobile and tablets.

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