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the first restaurant where all the food is served by robots opens


At MOMO Chinese restaurant, de Chennai in India the food is served every day by robots. Located in Old Mahabalipuram Road, the dumplings at this location are served, hot and tasty, always on time, only one who does is not a normal waiter, but an android.

In addition they not limited only to serve food, but when you get to MOMO, I will wait accompanied by robots, and it will be a machine to accompany you to your table when you touch. further The restaurant has four robots acting as waiters room.

In this new restaurant, which it was founded by Venkatesh Rajendran y Karthik Kannan, customers could make a order through iPad without interacting with a human waiter. These food orders are sent directly to the kitchen and once it is ready, robots pick it up and serve it to customers.

The MOMO offers an experience that goes beyond food

One of its founders, Venkatesh, He said that "robots operated with batteries and can be controlled via sensors. They have been programmed such that They know what dish goes to each table, and also stop if someone blocks your way ".

Meanwhile, the founders have uploaded to Instagram several videos and photographs of this first experience of robotic waiters in India. after seeing it, we can only ensure that the future of hospitality, always traveling hand the innovation and technology, It is exciting.

"We wanted our restaurant surprise customers, not only for food, but by experience, and I think we succeeded ". Viewing images MOMO owners They have uploaded to Instagram, we agree.

look who came to serve us last nightt !! :gafas_de_sol: #aROBOT

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