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the first restaurant located inside of an airplane opens in China


We shared some months ago food menus served on airplanes They not usually noted for their quality, except on rare occasions. Nevertheless, in China has opened a new concept and particularly, a restaurant inside an airplane parked on the ground, in the middle of the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

Local media have been quick to echo Case Lily Airways, restaurant Chinese businessman Li Yang, who spent 35 million yuan (about 5,2 millions of dollars) for re-locate and convert a Boeing in the most picturesque restaurant in Wuhan, and possibly across China.

It's not the typical fare airline

Contrary to what we usually find when we travel by plane, Restaurant food is excellent but other details invite you to think without any doubt, that you meet 3.000 feet off the ground, gliding through the air on this plane restaurant.

Away from the sad bag of packaged nuts with which we have to settle on board most flights, the Lily Airways customers will be able to enjoy a selection of haute cuisine menus. further restaurant employees wear uniforms and flight attendants to make real and authentic experience.

Then, We invite you to enjoy these Beautiful pictures of the unique "restaurant with wings" in the land of China and perhaps around the world.

Chopped extreme long shot this plane in the middle of the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

A woman poses for a "selfi" inside the Lily Airways, the first plane-restaurant China.

A waitress finalizing the details of "set up" tables before starting a shift meals.

Restaurant manager, li Yang, states that the aircraft acquired by buying the airline Batavia Airways Indonesia. Only transportation at a cost of 4 months and cost 35 million yuan.

Cocineros rusos son los encargados de elaborar los platos que sirve este restaurante dentro de un Boeing 737.

Los comensales disfrutan de una comida en el interior del avión-restaurante situado en plena ciudad de Wuhan, provincia de Hubei, China.

El personal recibe a la clientela en el exterior del avión-restaurante ataviados como azafatas y personal de vuelo.

Una mesa del interior del avión-restaurante.

Un cliente sentado en la cabina de este Boeing 737 convertido en restaurante.

Las camareras hacen la función de azafatas en el restaurante.

El propietario y loco dueño de esta maravillosa idea, Li Yang debajo de su avión-restaurante.Todas las imágenes por Wang He vía Getty Images
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