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To sell. A word that conditions and a verb spend our lives without using most of the time we know. A concept that usually tend to "disguise" or "mask" and that we have always given us the impression that "frightens". And let's not strange at all, but not stop surprising because our way of life and income depend on word, so the least we can have him is a remarkable account.

When the Food Fighters we met with potential customers, we find very often with many reasonable doubts about the motivation to govern the presence of the establishment in the various social channels, have it at that time or intend to have (the presence). In the same way, We also found that usually apply a double "measuring rod" when to weigh what they expect from their presence online: On the one hand, many crave them we can know through digital via its establishment, deal, brand as a "must" or something mandatory, and fashionable place to be "because".

On the other hand, Some people come to social networks in a situation of despair or as a last resort and hoping the overnight and after opening a business page on Facebook, its establishment miraculously receives thousands of visits, and that translates into hundreds of new people coming through the door they will get sales, Reservations, recruitment, etc ... soar to astonishing and extraordinary heights that were unimaginable before social media.

No. Nothing could be further, nothing more unfair if we talk about returns and measurements. logically, Purists both a case and the other is wrong and like everything in life, no middle, but, especially, some essential. Social networks, Opinion platforms (where, by the way, often we do not choose to be, although we are not aware of it) and online media will allow us to show things that previously we were not able, or at least, we did not so handy, relatively easily.

Los Fighters we argue that social channels open windows equivalent to adding to our physical business, which makes us more visible, but also, more vulnerable to error or worse, slackness, which it is what happens in the "open to open" and do not keep or not update or properly inform our community as she waits. Hence it is essential to be aware of this and be advised by a professional to assess, plan, execute and communicate. We ask: In your restaurant you would have a dirty window, without cleaning, cobwebbed and yellowed leaves year menus 1994 means falling?

Of course not, so and in the same way, You can not believe that esoterically and open an account in the network of fashion you are going to succeed and then, after abandoning, this will not have an effect on your image and reputation.

Because that's. Because "it out on the photo handsome" and is a way to sell. Because telling people what we want to know about our business is a way to sell. Because giving up education, respect, rigor and understanding is a way to sell. That fit the negative comments, act to improve and tell, It is a way to sell. Not everything is direct action. Not everything is close a sale linearly.

In any case, what you should be abundantly clear it is that social networks economic performance of a property is sold and can improve, but it is very clear guidelines to follow, that takes time and put aside the classics and hackneyed claims imperatives style "Are you going to lose?"Fortunately they fall into disuse because they were squeezed to exhaustion that slogan and magical statements that have actually served more to frighten than to bring potential customers to us. The online selling is not aggressive, sale is assertive and has a zigzag pattern.

To sell, do not forget. It's called selling and is the activity that ensures the survival Restaurant, payments to suppliers and payroll, the acquisition of products and, our salary to compensate (hopefully) hours we spend on activity. evidently, digital communication channels can not be oblivious to this facet of our business.

An anecdote: We amused recently heard in a cafe conversation at the next table where two people wandered about internet and personal profiles on Facebook: "It's me in Facebook always put pictures of real good platazos, but then in my real life and I would like to me to try one ... ". Apart from the way they act, Beyond that each, does give us a shudder when we hear the worrying statement "then in my real life" ... How then in real life? ¡Your life in a social network is not virtual or fictional ... it's absolutely real!

We say this because it gives us the impression, and so we were able to see, that many of our customers believe that what happens in the social network is as unreal turn off the computer and everything starts from scratch and you're.

No, The truth is that no. This case serves to exemplify the importance of ensuring We correct our Internet presence, to answer and put your ear to every comment we directed, attending our fans (eye, no longer leads) in the same way as we would treat our establishment because ... there is no difference! In the same way that we are careful when speaking, gesturing, to provide our time, to explain exquisitely, care not to notice a person who crosses the threshold of our business, in the same way we talk and attend digitally to achieve the same goal we were getting in our establishment: TO SELL.

Assertiveness. That's the word and this definition: Strategy and style communication, assertiveness is at an intermediate point between two polar behavior: the aggressiveness and the passivity. Communicational behavior in which the person does not harm, but it manifests itself congruently, direct and balanced. Did that that exists between black and white gray? Well, never better. as mentioned, sell on the Internet to achieve the road is never straight, It is zigzagueante, and a lot. We will give many turns, many explanations and many kindnesses to achieve our goal, but in the end, It will be worth.

He deserve that when a sale is closed is because the acquiring person has deposited the confidence in us, cast, regardless of the economic value likely to pose, It is a value we must not lose because pamper and no return.

I summarize it with a phrase Fighter: "Salesmanship is the art of closing a deal". So is: We wish that sales will be the belief in your future restaurant diners who have come to perceive that you wanted to convey and communicate😊

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