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Seated, the app that pays you money to occupy the empty tables or no-show restaurants


Seated in a app mobile and desktop program that allows users to book a table at your favorite restaurant. Why else's booking system on the market? Unlike platforms like TripAdvisor, Grubःub, OpenTable and the like, Seated also functions as a robust system of rewards for consumers.

in EE. THE. It is very common to use discount coupons and promotional codes to get additional economic benefits in stores. Businesses belonging to the catering sector are no exception. For those Seated It is raging there.

When the user uses Seated to book the restaurant is entitled to compensation for eating out. This compensation is calculated based on the amount paid for the diner, Y can be seen as a refund 30% the total amount.

Although simple in concept, the inner workings of the app Mobile is a little more complex than one might assume at first instance.

To start using Seated have to access the website of the company and Download the application. Is about software Light that does not require advanced technical specifications to run correctly, any smartphone affordable and not too outdated can run the code.

The operating system can be Android or iOS, Versions are available for each of these platforms.

When installing the tool on our phone we will be asked to establish our credentials (user and password) and we access the account Seated. From here we can explore the different restaurants that have been associated with the brand.

Seated alone currently it operates in USA. THE. even there, the number of places where work is reduced; it is limited to large cities, specific: NY, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington D. C., Miami, The Angels, Austin and Denver.

The user can then select where you want to eat at any of the thousands of restaurants participating in the initiative. We can choose any date, even the time. That is because Seated is not a normal reserve system, specializes in covering the tables are free when a customer does not appear to your reservation.

The no-show or customers who do not attend reach involve the 20% reserves at some restaurants. It is an economic loss negatively impacting business. Thus, Many restaurant owners prefer to offer refunds and cover the table, leave the room half empty.

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It repays the money left in the purse app mobile and can be exchanged for credits Lift, discounts Starbucks, cash on personal account Amazon or rewards businesses as diverse as Sephora, Uber O Hulu, to name a few.

Seated has created a great utility for restorers, and simultaneously manages to create a tangible benefit for those who go out to eat away from home. But the positive aspects of the application do not stay there, Seated makers donate a meal to a child through the World Food Program of the United Nations for each reservation made through the app.

Hopefully soon leave the US borders.

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