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According to a study the weight of the waiters influences what the customer asks a restaurant


He neuromarketing It is one of the most powerful tools to influence consumer behavior. The restaurants are part of that group of business where else can appeal to the emotions of customers by suggestion. The ear, taste, vision and touch are subjected to different stimuli that help capture the public through the seduction of their perception.

The role of neuromarketing in restaurants

From the music that is played in restaurants, ambient light, the smell that permeates the room, the context, local atmosphere, etc. This makes sense to be able to evoke emotions that push consumers to make decisions, and that is the basis of neuromarketing.

People, before making a purchasing decision they move through a series of feelings that predispose them to consume or, Conversely, that make them change their minds. Neuromarketing is a type of marketing that uses different techniques to appeal to the emotional side of consumers in order to guide you to perform some particular action.

Sometimes, We discover mechanisms that descend from this type of marketing and a priori not planned. Therefore we want to share the latest study we have found on this subject and that seems really curious.

How it influences the weight of the waiters on customers

The image of employees to almost any position is very important. Nevertheless, Recent studies have shown that the weight of the waiters directly influences the amount of food and drink that you get to eat in a restaurant. In this case, Yes appearance of staff is key to work.

An investigation by the Cornell University He states that the chances that ask for more food are directly proportional to the weight of the person serving you for the service. Specific, The results of this study demonstrate that consumption can increase by up to 17% If the waiter is an overweight person, increasing consumption of desserts and alcoholic beverages.

The suggestion is everywhere

Although you do not realize, You receive messages every day that affect your behavior, thoughts and feelings. Advertising is everywhere and so present in our reality affects our daily lives.

The restaurants are always going to try to introduce their products to customers as something palatable and pleasing to the eye. further, They are located in the popular dishes on menu where the eyes automatically look. Definitely, They will try to maximize revenue and profits of your business, and it will use all the techniques at their disposal.

The perception we have things changed depending on the environment in which we are present. And apparently, when we met in a restaurant in which we serve overweight, We find an atmosphere conducive to eating without thinking about diet.

According to this study, when the customer goes to a restaurant where l @ s @ s are women Waiter, thin men, your subconscious leads him to ask for low-calorie dishes. However, You should go to a restaurant with an extensive menu of succulent products and waiters overweight, social pressure of the image decreases and eat more apetecerá, always following research conducted at Cornell.

It all depends on the perception and the suggestion of the mind. It is convincing through ideas and concepts indirect, but what They are reflected in all elements of the restaurant.

As well as advertising works on the needs and desires of consumers, he neuromarketing It goes far beyond. It is important to use this concept very carefully to prevent:

  • Customers feel invaded and manipulated.
  • The company unnecessary money is spent.

In short, the marketing of emotions It can be very effective if you know how to use properly. the study of a large sample of subjects that could be our target audience is needed, always based more on qualitative than quantitative data.

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