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According to a study food poisoning at a restaurant can cost 2.2 millions of euros


In a recent study published in the journal Public Health Reports with the name "Estimated cost for a restaurant of an infectious focus transmitted in food ', the team led by Sarah M. Bartsch School of Public Health Johns Hopkins Bloomberg (Jःshfः) extracts a range of economic impacts for restaurants based on a computer simulation.

The research tries to reveal the consequences for a well-known restaurants by the National Restaurant Association EE problem. THE. and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who have the following particulars concerning the North American country:

  • They are performed each year 48 million related to diagnosis diseases contracted through food; either allergy, contamination of food or the poor state of the same.
  • 128 000 of these people are hospitalized to deal with serious cases, incurring substantial costs resulting from inefficient and highly criticized American healthcare system.
  • 3000 people die each year from these diseases.

The paper studies the economic impact of food poisoning caused by any of the fifteen Pathogenic bacteria what, according to the CDC, They caused disease outbreaks in restaurants in the US in the period 2010-2015 (listeria, norovirus, hepatitis…). For more information capacity results are segregated by subsector, and studying the consequences in fast food restaurants, casual, Hybrids between the previous two and luxury.

Some of the metrics are extracted from the computer model:

  • In case of food poisoning a limited number of diners, the most optimistic case for the restaurant has an economic impact 3250 euros.
  • When poisoning is multitudinous (the capacity was established in 250 people during the experiment) the restaurant can provide losses of at least 1.5 millions of euros.
  • Given litigation (an eminently foreseeable litigation as a society is the US), price increases in restaurants and insurance for loss of business by bad publicity, the amount reaches 2 millions of euros.
  • Luxury restaurants suffer most the consequences of an outbreak, but only marginally. The owners of these establishments can expect some losses by 5% greater.

The effects of health problems in catering are often belittled. The first author of the study clearly indicates: "Even a small outbreak […] You can have huge ramifications for a restaurant ".

And if not being told the restaurant Chi-Chi's, what in 2003 He went bankrupt after an outbreak of hepatitis A. The same disease in which the Ministry of Health Baleares expedientaba earlier this year the restaurant Can Terra de Palma. Or the Mexican taqueria Bartaco of Port Chester ... After the year many establishments are facing this kind of tessitura. To avoid such situations as much as possible should follow the usual recommendations:

  • Comply to the letter with requirements regarding health tax administrations.
  • Count on Restaurants insurance for covering the course of food poisoning and fulfill the obligations stipulated by the policy.
  • Give low employees who are ill. The cost associated with recovering the statistically low cuantiosamente reduce the likelihood of an outbreak caused by the same.

Not be affected by these problems it is also a matter of luck. If you have followed the relevant guidelines, the restorer is safe, well epidemiological investigations seek lies the responsibility.

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