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Seminar on how to make gourmet pizzas


The importer of Italian products Benetti & Pecoraro, He has made this week formación sobre harinas, focused on the different qualities and handling. The activity was aimed at customers interested in using this product, which they enjoyed during the day of a Seminar Gourmet Pizza.

In this event, all flours used were the Molino Pasini, undoubtedly one of the most important companies in Italy in this matter. The event was held at the premises of Frigicoll utilizando sus highly specialized ovens.


the different types of flour were explained and eventual mixture depending on the intended result, What is the "Primitiva" and what is flour and a description grade to grade what happens chemically and physically once the pizza is in the oven.

Molino Pasini is a leader in manufacturing high quality flours arrived in Spain in early 2000 hand Benetti & Pecoraro y que cumple con el objetivo de ofrecer a sus clientes los mejores productos.


Este ha sido un seminario que se ha importado desde Italia con la idea de formar a un al sector en lo que se refiere a las técnicas, machinery and secrets of making the best gourmet pizza.

Para el evento se ha contado con la participación de famoso pizzero italiano Alessandro Negroni Campeón del mundo de pizza y Luis Lastra de Frigicoll, who explained all the keys to successfully develop a high-quality pizza.

Seminar on how to make gourmet pizzas
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