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September 2016: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


September begins, and with it comes the start of a new period for many after the summer break, including restaurants. This month is the time when many businesses catering determine the objectives to be achieved inaugurating cycle, In addition to establishing the schedule of events to be organized.

Because, from this newspaper we lend a hand, as we always try to do, and You do not have much time to look for ideas. In this article we suggest some activities you can this month by taking advantage of different national and international celebrations that will take place the coming weeks.

A nice coffee, helping and tastes good

He 29 This month the International Coffee Day is celebrated, one occasion, depending on the style of your business, You can make good use. The drink has been gaining prominence in recent years because it means the grand finale of a good meal or simply care center fans happy to try different flavors and ways of preparing this stimulant.

Take as an excuse date and enter a special coffee that day in your restaurant, You can even extend the offer to a letter of coffee in the world if you have the opportunity, and you can even arrange a tasting with a barista, sure you'll make several interested in. You will see how you increase the perceived quality of your business and your billing.

But do not limit yourself to it, apropos of Coffee Day you can do a two for one, and at this point We do you our monthly suggestions regarding social action. You know that there are several coffee producing countries in which, who are responsible for cultivating the seed, they do under difficult conditions, so there are groups and associations looking to lend a helping hand to farmers on land as Colombia, Guatemala o Indonesia, by three examples.

Donate a portion of your income for those high quality coffees that are selling to an organization you trust. Your corporate brand will improve and you'll feel good.

And the party continues

Although not at the same pace August, in September fairs and national holidays continue. In various regions of Spain will occur different celebrations that you can use in your business for an exceptional gastronomic journey.

In Barcelona the day 24 one of the most important holidays for residents is celebrated as La Merce. If your business is in Catalonia you have easy to organize a special menu or a conference with typical dishes. And if you have a Catalan restaurant in the rest of the country you will increase footfall with a special menu of La Merce, or you can offer some entrees off letter cheeses or sausages land, they are very good, and stews cooked with wines.

in Murcia, meanwhile, are the Moors and Christians and Carthaginians and Romans; in Aranjuez will be the Festival of Mutiny; in Valladolid, Albacete and Salamanca celebrate its fairs. A throughout the country You can find different commemorations that will come in handy to your business.

Chocolate Day

Although the Latin countries and cocoa producers celebrate this day 7 July to coincide with the World Day Cacao, in Anglo-Saxon countries celebrate the 13 September in honor of the birthday of Roald Dahl, the creator of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

You can choose the date for create a new dessert at your restaurant based on one or more types of chocolates and promote it that day, the advantage is that there are few people able to reject a sweet with this ingredient, which gives you a chance to play with it. In fact, If your business offers a gastronomic experience with innovative preparations, the option of a full tasting menu based cocoa can be very attractive.

Latin American parties

In September three countries in Latin America, important for its gastronomy, celebrate their national holiday: Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

Jornadas del taco, degustación de vinos chilenos, fiesta de la feijoada, menú degustación con platos típicos, pruebas de mezcal. Las opciones son infinitas para celebrar estas fechas y aumentar la facturación en tu restaurante. Si tu negocio tiene alguna relación con estos países no puedes pasar por alto estas fiestas.

Día de leer un libro

Esta celebración del día 6 es una fecha especial en Estados Unidos, pero es una bonita ocasión para organizar algo en tu establecimiento. En la actualidad existen múltiples espacios en los que se combinan cafeterías, librerías y salas para leer en un solo sitio; tú puedes, a partir de esta idea, organizar un encuentro literario en tu restaurante (puede ser un libro que esté de moda y que la gente conozca para que sea más fácil de encontrar y resulta más atractivo el evento), o sugerir en tus redes sociales a los clientes que lleven un libro ese día para donar, hacer un intercambio o dejar con cada cuenta una nota con citas célebres de autores famosos.

Los libros pueden ser una buena excusa para generar una mayor conexión con tu clientela, aprovéchala a tu favor.

Para finalizar, aquí abajo y como siempre tienes más fechas de fiestas y celebraciones durante este mes, esperamos que nuestras recomendaciones te sirvan y nos cuentes cómo te ha ido. Y te deseamos el mayor de los éxitos en esta nueva etapa.

Calendario de Septiembre 2016

2016 CALENDARIO ACCIONES DE MARKETING DiegoCoquillat.com - Septiembre2016Septiembre 2016: Calendario de acciones de marketing para restaurantes

Día 1

  • Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos, Murcia

Día 2

  • Fiestas del Motín, Aranjuez
  • Encierros tradicionales, Medina del Campo

Día 5

  • Día Nacional de la Pizza de Queso (#usa)

Día 6

  • Día Nacional del Café Helado (#usa)
  • Día Nacional de leer un libro (#usa)
  • El Cascamorras, Guadix

Día 7

  • Día de Brasil
  • Fiesta de la Virgen de la Guía, Llanes

Día 12

  • Día Nacional del batido de chocolate

Día 13

  • Día Nacional del Cacahuete (#usa)
  • Día Internacional del Chocolate

Día 16

  • Día de México
  • Fiestas de cartagineses y romanos, Cartagena

Día 18

  • Día Nacional del cheeseburger
  • Día de Chile

Día 24

  • Fiestas de Nuestra Señora de la Merced, Barcelona

Día 26

  • Las guerras cántabras, Los corrales de Buelna

Día 27

  • Día del turismo

Día 29

  • Día del Café

Septiembre es…

  • Mes del mejor desayuno (#usa)
  • Mes nacional del pollo (#usa)
  • Mes nacional de la miel (#usa)
  • Mes nacional de las setas (#usa)
  • Mes nacional de la música clásica (#usa)
  • Mes nacional de la cortesía (#usa)
  • Mes nacional del perro guía (#usa)
  • Mes nacional de la herencia hispánica (#usa)

Aquí puedes descargar el calendario en PDF con las mejores ideas de marketing para restaurantes:

Septiembre 2016: Calendario de acciones de marketing para restaurantes

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