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SEUR, JUST EAT partner for deliveries of food delivery


JUST EAT, the Marketplace leading food delivery with presence in 15 countries and over 5000 stuck in Spain restaurants, SEUR trust for ordering food delivery from restaurants that do not have their own distribution.

The agreement between the two companies, e-commerce leaders in their sectors, It is already operating in more than 60 restaurants in the center of Madrid and will be progressively extended to other Spanish cities.

"Our collaboration with SEUR is a long-term commitment will enable us to improve the service we provide our customers with faster and higher quality deliveries.", says Jesus Rebollo, country manager de JUST EAT España.

Benjamin Calzón, CEO of SEUR business units said: "The agreement with JUST EAT is one more step in our commitment to the development of specific solutions for the food industry. In SEUR constantly we innovate to adapt to new consumer needs and we can certainly play a key role in distributing food directly to end customers, because we have the resources and experience to handle food products in a controlled manner ".

faster and safer deliveries

The home order service is integrated into the wide range of solutions that SEUR available to the food sector. The superurgentes deliveries are key to respond to new customer demands. Hereinafter, people who receive your request JUST EAT through SEUR will receive their meal at a maximum of 40 minutes from the restaurant receives the order and 12 since the deliverers of the transportation company collect the order at restaurant.

SEUR y Just Eat

SEUR y Just Eat

Food delivery and responsibly

SEUR, firm in its commitment to the environment, will allocate a fleet of electric bikes exclusively for service development, promoting improved quality of life in cities with the use of vehicles that pollute or, or generate noise. further, all dispatchers with food JUST EAT your customers will have a food handler card, a differential aspect that reinforces the quality assurance SEUR offers all its services, while it is providing greater security for customers.

New consumer habits food delivery

According to the Barometer food delivery 2015 de JUST EAT, profile client requests online home is a young person, living in big cities, purchasing power means, medium-high and living in family or couple mainly. They are considered demanding quality and speed and daring in terms of culinary tastes.

In fact, The report reveals that the gastronomic tastes of users have changed and detected a strong trend towards the exotic. Italian food and Chinese continue to lead the food orders at home, followed by the American, Japanese and Turkish.

About the time of consumption, more than 40% orders concentrating on the weekend, although in the last year they have increased orders at noon conducted from offices, and representing the 30% of the total.

TV programming is one of the factors that impact on the volume of orders. A) Yes, the great television moments as the end of reallity shows, retransmission of the expected series or film releases considerably firing orders by mobile users made directly from the sofa. Football finals as the King's Cup or Champions League make the sector food delivery experience reaching record numbers of orders increased to 35% and an average ticket spending one 25% higher than the usual average.

When returning home after work is also a key moment in orders via mobile phone, since many customers take advantage of the metro or bus journeys to place your order and have dinner right when you get home.

As for the channel, he 60% orders JUST EAT are made through mobile.

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