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"Shake Shack was born in the digital era and is growing with the digital age", Interview with Jeffrey Amoscato


The questions they ask their followers social networks They are on the same topic: When are you going to open this or that site? From Indonesia to Netherlands, through Mexico or Spain, all his fans ask a local Shake Shack in the place where they live.

Y, the comments? repeat, they are the same, and again: I love this burger!, ¡Delicious!, I need a Shake Shack!, ¡Oh, it's a sin!, I miss them! There are those who dream of flying to the United States for eat a Classic Shack on the site itself where the chain was born, at Madison Square Park from New York.

This phenomenon, or revolution hamburger as many have called, and success behind his model, They are not a matter of magic, but a symbiosis of well integrated elements, where digital and technology have a seat. This has been combined with other qualities inherent to the brand to consolidate this chain founded by restaurateur Danny Meyer in 2004 and that, For the year 2015, and it was worth 2 billions of dollars.

In the real world, his legions of followers translate into the endless long queues in front of their local. Today have more of 130 Stores around the world. Each local Shake Shack is unique and is designed according to the characteristics of the locality in which it opens, without forgetting the essence of the first store in New York.

Jeffrey Amoscato, Vice President of Supply Chain & Menu Innovation Hamburger chain Shake Shack, He was in Madrid under #ExpoHip18, and this newspaper talked to him about what has caused this brand is famous and unique in the world, gaining in popularity traditional chain fast food burger.

Amoscato stressed that he engagement of people sharing their experiences has grown in conjunction with Shake Shack. "Now that digital has been developed, our thinking is how to better connect with our customers, and how we generate the best experience”.

QUESTION: What are the key aspects of success in the business model Shake Shack?

ANSWER: There are several points to note. The first is the hospitality; the way we approach customer experience. We born from the group consisting Danny Meyer, and the concept of hospitality It is what has made their restaurants are unique and different from any other in New York. We have this DNA in our business model.

Secondly, we could refer to, for us people, the people first. First put our own staff, so that they can relate to and also they deserve care as our customers.

In third place, I have to refer to the quality of our ingredients. It is comparable to those used in a restaurant fine dining, to a restaurant with white tablecloths, and we serve in a more casual. Prepare and cook food at the time (versus the precooked food). We pay great attention to food quality, for the experience of our customers is to enjoy fresh food cooked to order.

It is mix of "fine dining + casual "is one of the secrets of success of Shake Shack. People, for example, they can go to their local to eat a burger accompanied by a wine or beer (beverages produced under the brand chain). It is noteworthy that their relationship with local producers and fresh ingredients make your menu has a very special value to the customer's eyes.

P: How would you have done to evolve the concept of hospitality of a hot dog cart at a hamburger chain?

R: The story has to do with community involvement. We were a business in Madison Square Park in New York that helped raise funds to make the most beautiful park, for conservation.

From the beginning, We have imported the concept of community. further, We wanted to give a quality product to people who were coming and they had a reason to go to the park. And so, also help it become a beautiful place you could go the people of New York.

The hot dog cart was very successful in the park for three summers in a row until it was transformed into a modern burger shop at the roadside - a modern road side Burger-, as you like to call the place that gave birth to the chain.

“The engagement of people sharing their experiences has grown with us”

P: How have you managed to transfer this commitment to the community and grow in the digital world? What value do you give to technology in their business model, to continuous digital innovation?

R: It was a unique time when the first Shake Shack was born in 2004 (hot dog truck was 2001). When Shake Shack was becoming a brand, It was just as the digital revolution began to occur, Iphone was when introduced into the market.

He engagement of people sharing their experiences it has grown together with us. People waiting in line, Making time, and sharing your photos, your experiences with your friends.

Now that digital has been developed, our reflection focuses on how to better connect with our customers and how to give them a good experience.

How customers interact with our business is changing. the Shack, we want to give them what they want, either ordering through an app or through a service delivery. Our mission is to offer the best possible experience. This brings us back to the fact that we were born in the digital age and we are growing in the digital age.

The app de Shake Shack It has allowed the chain to gather information to understand customer behavior and performance of their menu in order to predict demand more efficiently. Lowering the app on your mobile, the client can:

  1. Check locations for information about whether your nearest Shack is taking orders via mobile phone. The request may contain up to ten items or more by category. Almost every Shack classics can be ordered through the app. Not wine or beer, for example. It also has a filter that can trigger allergies.
  2. Choose the time to withdraw the order.
  3. Wait for the buzz. A vibration in the cell warn that the commands are listed.
  4. Present in the local area and collect orders by app.

Likewise, chain (which last year operated 135 including restaurants 59 via joint ventures globally), It has integrated digital solutions that allow an analytical supplies a more transparent manner. With the use of this digital software has also strengthened its relationship with local suppliers. In a press release, last February, the company reported that Shake Shack was extending its partnership with Arrow Stream On Demand software to manage inventory supply chain, compliance, their food security, and quality of its products.

P: How have you done to internationalize the concept of New York to the world?

R: Everyone loves a good burger. Everywhere, in United States, London, Moscow, oa Tokio, where we have several Shake Shacks. This love Shake Shack burgers extends 21 US states, y a Bahrain, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

P: What is your favorite burger at Shake Shack?

R: I like this question, Thank you. It is very simple: cheeseburger and gherkins, because for me the classic cheeseburger can savor meat. Burger Shack classic is remarkable for its great combination containing lettuce, tomato and salsa Shack, but for me, hamburger with cheese only to distinguish their quality and creaminess as well as our fresh gherkins.

Amoscato refers to the Shake Shack burger is not large, Meat is a paddy 130 grs. You can also order double and increase its size. The main menu -core menu- chain are burgers (meat and chicken), hotdogs, merengadas the malteadas, ice creams, and French fries.

A hospital and brand committed to the environment

Shake Shack is a brand that people love and they feel identified, not only for its menu. Also by the intrinsic brand values. His concept of hospitality extends, for example, the whole surrounding community beyond the walls of their local. He wellness concept goes for care of the environment and the ingredients they use for the benefit of consumers.

The Their burgers are steaks 100% vegetarian fed angus way, created humanely, without hormones or antibiotics. He chicken is 100% reared free; the Vienna type sausages are 100% Natural beef; their fries are cut corrugated Yukon potatoes without artificial ingredients; and its beaten only use real sugar and milk milked daily, hormone and antibiotic.

The company recycles all its bottles and plastic, and cooking oil is also reused to produce clean energy. Shake Shack is an example of how a brand can be close and identify with your audience, their community, Your clients.

They are members of 1% ForThePlanet, and support Water Keeper Alliance to help maintain clean water on the planet. They have a free fitness program for the community and promote careers and table tennis tournaments.

All events and programs are announced and promoted in their social networks. @shakeshackuk on March 1 launched a development program #shacksounds talent with a limited edition of its #thenaughtyone burgers created together and hand @naughtyboymusic (Grammy-winning music producer), and inspired by his childhood, using special homemade sauce Mom, which will be served during this month especially at the local Cambridge Circus in London. Up with technology, one Korea, also a recently they promoted first release called virtual reality Shake Up Shake Vr, for the enjoyment of its customers.

His teams donate more than two thousand hours a year of social work. Community support famine relief, arts and culture, family education, the environment, animal welfare (also they have a menu for dogs) and health.

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