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Shake Shack or how to achieve a successful restaurant chain through innovation


Even when on track, you overflow if you stand still. This sentence is like a father our, or at least it should become the raison d'etre in the life of an entrepreneur.

So you have to innovate…

I have many things to tell you about the chain on which I speak. to get started, I try to focus only on what, From my point of view, I think it has proven to be the engine of your success. The objective, provided that interested in history, It is to complete this "study" with a second part.

Chain in question is called Shake Shack, and the truth is not born with the idea of ​​becoming a fast food franchise, but rather the opposite. His story started with a simple shopping hot dog in the famous Big Apple, and New York.

The year 2000 when the town council began with a project whose aim was the recovery of Madison Square Park, an area which at that time was quite neglected and which was intended to revive. For its privileged location and its beauty, nowadays is one of the most attractive parks in the city center.

The strategy was to organize exhibitions and art exhibitions outdoors, for people enjoy a good walk while watching an attractive landscape and which could also find places where you can have a snack en Madison Square Park. One of the places you could find in this park, was the shopping Shake Shack, only offered hot dogs, fries and milkshakes.

Creativity, specialization, quality and innovation

The founder of Shake Shack, Danny Meyer He decided to unleash your creativity based on the specialization, the Quality of the products but mostly they are betting on innovation. A new way to see fast food: healthier, a more specialized service, breaking with the paradigms so far established.

Such was the success of that hot dog cart, in the following summer he returned to be installed, watching his fame continued to accrue. Until the 2004 They became a restaurant chain that expanded by the United States. At 2015 They began to go public and are now one of the major reference in the sector.

The creativity Shake Shack you can touch and feel and from the moment in which they found the key to moving the freshness of the cart in the middle of a park, all local. Design your corporate image It is light, cleansed, simple and so innovative that is not perceived as a fast food place. This can be seen in its logo, in designing your menu, in bags takeaways and even decorating their premises.

The specialization happens to make some delicious Shakes, nail excellent burgers accompanied by some curly fries, which can be ordered American bathed in melted cheese.

The quality of its raw materials and preparation process is such, which they destroyed the myth that fast food should be pre-cooked and frozen. All dishes are prepared at the time with the best Angus beef and through processes that do not harm the quality of the final product.

make a continuously listening to the customer feedback, what They make testings on the different products for what, if they approved, pass the final menu. So they did when they launched their chicken burgers, or when they had thought about changing potatoes, even with the taste of each new beat.

The innovation, It is synonymous with Shake Shack, in everything they do is present: the corporate image, in the decoration of the premises with some where there is even table tennis for children.

I share these four innovative ideas implemented by this chain of restaurants:

1.- In the form of ordering the order: when you do the commands of what you're going to take, they ask the name and leave you a luminous device that is activated to alert you that your food is ready and can go to pick up, or sneak through posters preparedness found in your food.

2.- Unsure whether to go for a burger because you do not know if there will be many people? Too much risk venture into the Madison Square Park for then there are too many customers and have to wait? Do not worry because they have a fixed camera to observe in real time the tail there.

3.- It is one of the few chains that you can order drinks or wine bottles, plus beer to eat. They have even built a few months ago to his letter 2 menus for dogs, which means that You can also order food from your pet along with yours.

4.- By last, you should know that both the original Shake Shack and other local franchise have been designed by the SITE study Architecture, Art and Environmental Design to be in harmony with the park and the natural environment is in its surroundings in each case.

Planes futuros de Shake Shack

There are eager to see what else the future holds for this company, anyone lucky enough to visit the United States should not miss the opportunity to meet one of these local, try their tasty burgers, Or its fabulous smoothies!.

Your plan nationwide expansion has enabled them to open 100 locales till the date. The latter was recently opened in August this year in the city of Boston and to celebrate such an event, They served free burgers among their customers.

Also have international presence in Seoul, Such, London, Istanbul, Moscow, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and it is possible that soon they can open a new restaurant in Spain.

The courage amazes Danny Meyer, someone able to bet on goals and get a great success acting on its values, a simple and honest way. I hope this note encouraging and inspire undertake, to dream and to fight for good ideas. Trust your project and brings your differential value to achieve the goals you set your mind.

About the Author

Advertiser Masters in Business Management and Marketing ESIC. In the world of restaurants from the 2001, mainly in the expansion area franchise. Currently he resides in Miami where he combines his work for a major advertising agency with his passion for the culinary world, music, film and ultimately the Brikran.


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