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If you want a client will remember, I emociónalo


Frequently I travel to Italy frequently and, although it has been a long time since I made my first trip 1992, I still remember my first meal in Ventimiglia, near the border with France.

Although I have to confess that I remember almost all of them because I am passionate about Italian gastronomy. My relationship with her is absolutely emotional. As Bernard Shaw said: “The only true love is the love of food”.

Undoubtedly the excitement sets the memory in people. Surely you have not forgotten a day that you were afraid, or a particularly sad or happy situation. You're likely to remember your first kiss, and this is because the positive or negative emotion has acted as an anchor for your memories have not been adrift from oblivion.

Siempre memory, with love, a visit to Vinitaly, the most important wine fair in Italy, with my friend Javier Gila -certainly one of the leaders of sommeliers in Spain. During these days we tasted no less than one hundred wines a day, making a journey from the elegant Piedmontese to manifest mineral presence of wines from Campania.

Javier once told me: "This wine reminds me we tried yesterday to third, in the second winery we visited. "Given this statement, He manifesting such an exact idea despite having tried hundreds of wines, I can only find one explanation: the emotion. At that moment I realized that Javier not only has a prodigious sensitive memory, but he felt a thrill to try that particular wine, otherwise I could not have fixed the memory.

If you want your customer to remember you must emocionarlo. The food itself is no guarantee of emotion. The quality of what is offered is sufficient but not necessary condition to thrill, at least not everyone who visits your restaurant. So you need to ask, What is the emotion I wish to convey in my restaurant?

This is the time restaurateurs who are reading this article should leave to reflect on it. Heart I hope you have found at least one powerful adjective, because otherwise they have a problem to solve.

It is very likely that your restaurant is nice, comfortable, cozy, authentic or surprising but, You decide before starting your activity what was the emotion he wanted to convey?

All restaurant should be a sunset scene leading to the emotion that identifies us. Every detail, Each action should be designed, trained and executed for it. the staff It must not only be trained in the care or service, but in the stage performance of the emotion we want to convey. All around great theater where we will represent our work, which it has been tested numerous times, first without public and then improved in each representation.

Like the chefs have tested hundreds of times your plate, They should make every cast members. And this work starts with the selection of staff, that from day one should be aware of what is expected of him. As a large orchestra, If a musician goes out of tune, he better not join the show. Before accepting the job, you must be very clear that you are joining a theatrical performance that seeks to excite the diner. Without good actors who feel, understand and live their role, no emotion.

When you enter the restaurant Coking Mario Sandoval -in Human (Madrid)-, you do the winery, you receive with a drink while you can see the large selection of wines. Before entering the restaurant, you visit the kitchen where in great detail you go viewing the place where your food will be prepared., and between technical explanations and sensory impacts, get excited at the table. You had the feeling that an old friend has taught you your new home and his most precious toy, your kitchen, from where it will homenajearte. Mario and his team do a wonderful time and feel well, turning the experience into something very real that conveys a feeling.

The excitement that projects your restaurant is an intangible that the customer perceives subliminally. Go eat at a restaurant is a sensory experience, that goes beyond the kitchen, service or environment, which necessarily implies an emotion that the client should experience.

And as always reminds us Diego Coquillat, director of this newspaper, evoking the words of Maya Angelou, "People will forget what you said, You will forget what you did, but you never forget how you made them feel ".

If you want to delve into the topic of emotions in restaurants I recommend the wonderful book by Roberto Brisciani: “The Secret of a Magnetic Restaurant”

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