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Seven steps to run a perfect SEO strategy for restaurants


As soon as you begin to delve into some of the facets of digital communication, it is clear that the factors involved are more abundant and more complex than you might think at first.

He SEO or search engine optimization is no exception. Nevertheless, its importance in today's world makes it necessary for the employer to learn to use the basics of this branch of successfully marketing for enjoy a robust digital presence and attract new customers to the restaurant.

Restorers, immersed in a market segment with high competition where every customer is important for the future of the business, They should pay particular attention to the efforts of search engine optimization if your target audience is mainly composed of young consumers under forty, demographic segment representing the bulk of Internet.

This cohort of people regularly use the tools available online to find new restaurants that capture your attention and check whether the services provided at the local fall short. Also publicly they communicate their experiences, so that they can serve as repeaters for the advertising efforts of the entrepreneur.

In this article we will summarize in seven steps how to put on and improve SEO strategy a restaurant.

Keywords and proper initial selection

The keywords are strings that Internet users use to find certain information. This chain may be formed by one or more words, as well as being written in the form of enumeration or conversationally (the latter is often associated with searches on mobile devices).

The restorer must find keywords that your target audience would use to find your business. If the term is too general found, This means that there will be a lot of competition among different stakeholders to position their businesses more visible in search engines ahead of potential customers who enter these words in your search.

In the same way, must take into account the Search intent per se. A user who wants to find information about a restaurant does not have much chance to make a drink as another that is trying to find how to book a restaurant.

It is important to also address the market segmentation and niche location of the local. Except strangers exceptional cases, a netizen located in Madrid will not be interested in that display results Barcelona, Seville or Bilbao when booking a table to eat in a few hours. Nor will you especially excited to be showing African food restaurants if you are looking where to enjoy good Mexican Fajitas.

With all the above, when selecting the keywords in the most appropriate possible, Examples of good starting points would be: "Japanese restaurant in Madrid", "Chinese food in Barcelona" or "traditional restaurants in Seville».

Nevertheless, depending on the number of restaurants that have invested in SEO to have a stronger digital presence, even the competition for these keywords can be difficult. It should be noted that to greater competition, the higher the expenditure required to gain positions in the lists of results seekers. It is not uncommon cost prohibitive and difficult to justify in the case of hotly contested keywords.

So that, to avoid unnecessary extra costs, It's a good idea to resort to a manager keywords. These tools are software Jigging specialized network for alternative combinations of characters that have the same meaning, Related Searches offering and. Along with the keywords proposed by the program are usually added metrics on traffic and the difficulty of rankear the string.

Some of the programs that we have to familiarize to optimize SEO for our local restaurants are Keyword Planner from Google Adwords Y SEMRush. The latter has advanced utilities, but the full version is offered as SaaS.

The most important thing is to focus on keywords that properly define our niche, have a traffic volume as high as possible, and do not present much difficulty positioning.

Information management SEO using spreadsheets

A spreadsheet is a very powerful tool when used correctly. So much SemRush Keyword Planner as they provide a simple and intuitive interface for users of any level, But as soon as we wish to do some complex calculation, we will find that it is not simple to operate with the figures that we are presented on screen.

To circumvent this limitation programs do not have to do anything complicated, just dump the data in the cells of a leaf microsoft Excel O Google Spreadsheet. In doing so, we can perform calculations more significant, in this way omit our insights and intuitions biased to work directly with actual trends.

further, It is also possible to insert additional clarifications relevant to the future or represent data using visual graphics, allowing decisions a cursory glance.

Additional key words, alternatives, associated or additional

When it is clear what it is the keyword for which we will bet, it's time to reinforce our other keywords additional. These will make the traffic on our website or landing page is greater. With only 70 searches per month and worth integrating these keywords around keyword principal.

To find out what additional key words are best suited to our case, we can use a trick very relieved: consult our keyword in Google and go to the bottom of the results page to see the rest of keywords associated.

It is recommended that our website is optimized for word master key (chosen in the first two steps) and we add three to four keywords additional from those suggested by Google.

lately some other browsers are also gaining importance in the world of SEO, It is the case Bing O DuckDuckGo. It is very difficult to optimize our digital presence also in these search engines, so in case you are in a privileged position ara boost SEO, This is a front on which we should also influence.

Continued search for better alternatives

Although Google can help reduce the amount of work that needs to play good to get results, If we want outstanding performance we can not rely solely on the information giant.

A way little explored when looking for alternative key words is synonyms investigate what can replace some of the words that make up our initial character strings. This methodology can uncover unexpected sources of traffic, so it's worth investing time to find good keywords for our search engine optimization, or until you discard the existence of better options, which it is a very real possibility as we move forward in our odyssey toward successful keywords.

Analyze the existing competition in the market

In the past decade internet attention on dominating earned a niche before it appeared a competitor. Today this could not be further from reality. In 2019 money talks, and dispose of large amounts of capital to develop an SEO strategy for restaurants overhand guaranteed a place among the top results.

For the small restaurateur concerned about advertising online its local and digital brand presence, will make large outlays is not a possibility to weigh. that way, the first thing you have to do is restorative assess the real competition for the selected keywords. And by that we mean not the information provided by SEMRush o Keyword Planner.

To estimate correctly how difficult it is imposed on business rivals when planning the SEO, just have to visit the sites of competitors and see how they are being managed.

First you can study what keywords they are using in their web. For this you just copy the link and paste it into the box scan keywords some of the planning tools already mentioned, in Ahrefs oa Moz. With metrics in hand we can compare with our own selection judge who is depreciating most traffic.

Also worth going through the profiles of social networks business competitors. Here we can see if they are channeling existing organic traffic on these platforms to convert sales interactions. further, Many restaurants try to build a community involved through their publications in networks. If the competitor does not use Twitter, Instagram O Facebook their benefit, this indicates that the competition for the keywords will be less and we can have a competitive advantage if we use the shortcomings of the rival in our favor.

In the As in the case of social networks, a website that is not kept up to date, modern and functional is a weak point which can be used to crit competition.

In general, worth investigating what other people are doing in our niche restaurants, copy what they do well, improve everything that has potential but is exploiting suboptimally, and discard all errors who commit.

This section restaurateur can carry traffic online perceived to a new level by shining its analytical capacity. The more seasoned either in this task, the better the perceived results.

Sieving keywords and group them together

After so much effort in collecting and analyzing keywords, the result tends to be a spreadsheet with an extended number of rows. Many of these keywords we targeted initially be discarded in this step, either because they try to duplicate or because the traffic they receive does not justify inclusion in some of our marketing efforts online.

When we cleaned the list and only exist in the spreadsheet the best keywords, it's time to group them together according to their degree of similarity. Each of these groups will be assigned to a specific web page or blog entry restaurant. This is intended monopolizing the traffic is directed to each of these searches, and then redirect as many as possible to the main website through which we can convert visitors into drinks.

Cost per click and final considerations

With keywords ready to be used, the last step before getting down to work with their integration into our digital storefronts is to calculate the cost per click. Several of the tools we have already discussed in this article have this utility. The cost per click is the last scale that will be used to rule out inefficient key words, those with which we incur more costs than benefits eventually disappear.

Finally it should be noted that SEO is an extremely volatile field in which any novelty can be disruptive to the efforts of specialists. A) Yes, usual in the guild that no guarantee results, and likewise it happens when we are the ones who manage the efforts of search engine optimization. Not enough to do everything correctly to place our restaurant on the first page of Google, what makes us rivals it also affects us, even when they used triquiñuelas black hat which end up being penalized before or after.

For all these reasons, our advice is not to slacken in the effort, desist not devote time to the SEO and do not abandon when the results are not as expected or may not come with the immediacy that would desire. Sooner or later the SEO puts everyone in place.

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