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No EStratégico® INTERIORISMO no paradise…(in the restaurants)


I'll tell you two amazing stories of two restaurants. One of them is real, the other is invented and, Thus, false. But until the end of the text desvelaré not what will stick each, with the intention that you venture to play and you evaluate what is false and what is true.

Here we go with the first. Not a long time ago We designed a restaurant which it is still a brilliant business success. In seven months, with a little room 50 square meter, He has given table more of 30.000 diners; almost 4.300 services per month.

That is to say, middle, This restaurant has bent all its seats since it opened. From Mondays to Sundays. In both countries, food and dinner.

While it is likely that a Monday or Tuesday it difficult to bend a table, and do it with all the tables, We have to understand, in this case, a Friday or Saturday the same table will have traced three, four and even five times.

In our favor I have to say that all strategic Interior® which it was introduced in the space pursuing this objective: achieve maximum rotation in an evocative environment.

Layout strategic, furniture designed to this, protagonist lighting, selection of appropriate materials ... All, absolutely everything, I thought it was based on some business goals. From now on, outstanding equipment, excellent service and a product in line did the rest. Everything went as expected. I love it when a plan comes together!

So far the first story. It is real, or is there any falsehood in it?

Let the second. Another restaurant design which made a Design error which ultimately it proved devastating to the business interests of the client. Evidently we corrected as was detected, but at the time we decided to analyze their influence on the income statement for the business.

The error was in the design of a pair of high bars. The design of the bars prevented full occupancy difficult because the privacy of the guests who preferred to wait until fully vacate sit and eat and share a space without barriers of intimacy and too compressed.

The result, After analyzing, He threw a significant number of losses caused by loss of business capacity. The restaurant was losing nothing depreciable figure 56.000 € / year. Losses caused solely by the error bars design. Without other possible errors. As I say this error is already corrected with the redesign of the space.

So far the second story. Is this the false story or real?

Think about it before going ...

Before revealing the secret it allows me tell you something else.

A few months ago I was at the gala delivery Hostelco Awards in which, eventually, We received the award for best interior design project for restoration design of this restaurant.

An award I did not expect, among other things because, sincerely, This is not the best restaurant design Spain in absolute terms.

Let's be clear, to greater economic resources more likely to achieve ambitious business goals. Nevertheless, perhaps the crux of the matter in estribe take full potential specific resources, are these that are. And this is what is rewarded in our case.

Despite not wait for the prize, my sense of responsibility forced me to write hastily before the gala a speech of thanks. If the flute sounded. And he sounded, and not me he had learned, I went on stage and thanked the prize as best I could.

The video of that speech is what I share below. It's about a allegation of the potential of the strategic Interior® for business. What it is and what is not a good interior. a colleague (and friend; good friend) what he described as "Indispensable viewing".

I leave you with the video, are just 4 minutes that you will discover which of the above stories contained more truth.

Even if I can say something… Both stories are real and certain. I've just lied about something, one of the two restaurants did not design us 😉

About the Author

Interior designer and entrepreneur, He understands the interior as part of corporate marketing, a tool to strategically position a brand. Author of the book "Five years of Hinteriorismo", a transparent and irreverent study based on its experience over the last 5 years in front of his studio.


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