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Sincerity, coherence and forms; the basics of online reviews for restaurants


An important part of our work in restaurants usually from Food Fighters, consists in supervise and carry out the digital customer to establish from the start, a relational link that allows us (Metaphorically speaking) encourage you transferred our doorstep and, later, not only accompany the exit, but all the way home.

In that way, it is very likely that the client issue an assessment of how you have lived your dining experience, also knowing that it will cover not only purely 'food' aspects but also will include other factors such as location, the environment, establishment, service, Attention, etc ... Naturally.

Because from these lines we reflect on what this mean for our establishment in digital universe, and for this wonder to what extent can influence an opinion, review, valuation or positive review on our reputation.

While it is true that this trend is changing (and proof of this is our own existence) we remain aware that studies are conducted year after year certify that a good part of the hotel not 'hear' no 'answers' to clients issuing an assessment on the Internet.

This, It is especially worrisome if we consider that what is being talked about is about our business and, when we engage in a dialogue with a client, even if it is a two-way conversation, It is not in the private sphere as if we kept the phone. It is a public and multidirectional conversation as throughout the digital context encompassing the Internet can be read Y assess what kind of attention we give way presale, sales and after sales to our customers.

It's more, comparative figures for these studies are serious enough to realize that platforms like Tripadvisor O Fork, not 'only' represent negative reviews, but are a excellent opportunity to add value to our business and improve its visibility and prestige.

There are many opinions as people

We all have our own on probably something personal nuances that make, although the share with another person, this never becomes exactly the same. There are times in our day to day costs a lot understand the logic of some of the valuations issued and we are witnessing how to get to vilify restaurateurs, frivolizando their daily work without any miramiento. Are punished simply because for some strange reason, They have become to blame for our ills, frustrations or, led to the lowest common denominator: They are going to pay the piper a bad day. Only they / as. The Baker, the ironmonger, the car park kioskera or not, but the restaurant itself.

Where does this trend arises and why we have ended up acting in this way? I wish I knew, but sincerely, We can only guess. We believe that, Thanks to the popularisation and democratization of technology, It has been promoted what we call “ego, exhibitionism and / or digital facade " (we will cover in depth in a future article).

Somehow, we have to tell the world via social channels 2.0 so great that I enjoy, how much I enjoy, I do and where to do it this way, to share (Or make them jealous?) of my highlights, how well it treats me life (although this is not true) and of course, He will go lunch or dinner is part of a leisure activity from which I can also boast.

And why not then criticize also the pharmacist was unsympathetic as I dispensed ointment against Dermatitis? Maybe I just did not want to tell the world that also in our lives, we have more "basic and mundane" episodes. It may sound rough, but it gives us the impression that there are shots.

Criticize, talk, opine, assess, suggest, expose, say, believe, to consider, estimate ... is absolutely lawful, but please, let's do support us in these three pillars:

1. Sincerity

Be transparent and have the willingness to tell the truth and defend it in a broad sense. Sincere and honest people seeking objective criteria reference, avoiding falsehood or lying. For example: "The waiter took an hour to bring us two soft drinks" go, You put up a stopwatch? Really? And Einstein postulated that time is relative and it seems that hospitality is even more. Another example "In other tables dishes served much more quantity and ours was ridiculous" Caramba ... You incorporate standard ocular scale? Are you being rigorous / a? Real facts, testable and tangible, please.

2. Coherence

Consistency is what allows us to understand our words as a communication unit and is linked both to interpretation as to the acceptability of partners. It is basically being sensible (or prudent or good judgment).

In TripAdvisor found a review that fascinates us alicantino on a Michelin-starred restaurant in one of its parts reads: "I would have liked to ask who understand cooking with local ingredients then if you put tomato sauce pot Solis".Really anyone can write something? You are right. The unfortunate, leaving aside such comments in view of everyone is to think that in a restaurant where a type of gastronomy is practiced recognized, someone can come to this conclusion and have no qualms about publicly exposing looking escarnio, perhaps as pataleo for price that did not, but no one has forced him to take. What brand of 'tomato pot' ... Epic! 🙂

3. The forms

It is considered and treated with the same respect with which we would like to be treated, setting the not cause offense or prejudice. All we must always prioritize respect for the hospitality and see beyond things like They brought the meat overcooked when it had requested the point, This site is a scam. Yes? to get started, a scam is an offense under with art. 248 the penal code. If we have conned we are taking in turn to a police station to put the appropriate complaint.

You see to what extent the use of everyday language can result in a gross loss of forms? There are behind a business investment, employees, dedication, and ultimately illusions, humans who tire, are wrong and that no one may lack respect to that facility. Have ye ever raised the consequences that for any job / worker this can be?

Much to reflect on the restoration business and online reputation in an exciting summer ahead. We read next month.

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Comer, Drink, Love and work. We love what we do. Food is not just food. Because, our expertise in hospitality is accompanied by professional proposals as suggestive as the Management Online Presence, reviews, Web development, Branding Gourmet, Training smile or Social Charter. We relate to you and your customers, caring and ensuring that the relationship is appropriate and according to your interests.


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