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Small World: The pop-up restaurant in New York Google


Google has long He has exceeded the barriers of web searches to expand the creating new applications, the development of automobile systems that enable self-driving, for example.

Now, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Google Translate, the company wanted to soak for a few days in the world of hospitality by opening a restaurant on the Lower East Side of New York City.

A restaurant 130 through unified language of food

The main objective of this restaurant has been to publicize the latest update to Google Translate, and therefore it has had a decoration based on words and messages more of 130 different languages ​​and distributed all over the place. In the walls, at the very front, on posters or menus, customers could translate instantly with the Google Translate app on their smartphones or tablets everything they need.

The restaurant he has open state only 4 days, as he dictated its initial plan. These days -from 15 al 18 of April- They have been a real success as reservations were out for quite some time. further, He has achieved a great impact on RRSS by playing the hashtag #everyonespeaksfood.

According to the Department of Communication Google, Small World quiere vindicate the universal language involving food and food, that we all understand, and no matter if the food starts with a "what advantage!“, "Bon Appetit!“, "Itadakimasu" o "bil Haná Wal Shifa".

Google has not opened this restaurant to make the leap to the world of hotels and restaurants, simply he wanted to promote a different way the latest Google Translate, the translator of this search that takes longer 10 years helping us to translate any word or phrase in more than 130 Languages.

Renowned chefs for the restaurant Google

Although the restaurant had already taken the decision to open only four days, in the case of Google they were not going to do it anyway. Why some of the best chefs in New York City have taken turns to command the kitchen Small World, and they offered a menu each day 3 different and representative dishes from different continents.

Small World in a universal language is spoken, the food

Dinner at the Small World of Google has been a rather complicated task since the two shifts with those who had, from 18:00 a 20:00 and of 21:30 a 23:30, They have been full four days in which the restaurant has remained open. For the less fortunate, the company "Great seeker" He ordered from a street stall offering free donuts and bagels.

As we can see, this Google initiative to commemorate and promote the tenth anniversary of Google Translate He has had to hospitality in the center of the strategy. It is not new that big brands and multinational, although they have nothing to do with food, make the leap to the restoration as we have seen in recent articles in this newspaper.

Restaurants are today a good start to establish social relations and, because, Google has wanted to try something different in presenting the latest developments that brings this application. And you, What do you think of this initiative? Would you like to be able to visit the Small World, restaurant Google? Did you find it useful on a trip or situation abroad application of Google Translate? Tell us your views.

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