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SmartLabel, App pursued the challenge of transparency in the food industry


Before finalizing the last 2015 we were all consumers with the focus put on the reports coming to us from the World Health Organization (WHO), after the great impact caused, social networks and other media, his decision to declare red meat and processed food as possible carcinogenic health of people.

This news was also immeasurable turning point to deepen transparency within the food industry as it produced some consumers the routine use of meat to rethink according to. Reasonable fear of people not knowing exactly what you are eating and how this could affect your body, He is accentuating more than ever. I recommend the following article for further information:

Meat and antibiotics, What we're eating?

What would we do if we had the opportunity to check all the components of food to ensure that we create contains nothing harmful to our health?

Halfway 2016 US will come from a project, well advanced in its development phase, which will allow to have an extensive database on all foodstuffs, his name is SmartLabel and already it has more than 30 renowned brands in registration.

SmartLabel is an app that will mean a revolution in information and such food products we know it today. Since its menu we can see first hand the main details about food brands, beverage, personal care, home and pets.

Consumers can search the database or application data QR code scanning through everything concerning ingredients, allergens, vitamin and protein components, applications, Information Warnings, recommendations or information about the brand that supplies the product in question. SmartLabels will tell us everything we want about the content of a tetra brik milk, through detergent substances which we usually wash our clothes, up plates of food prepared.

To provide information, access will be as broad as possible can consult these data through your PC, tablet o smartphone. It is anticipated that over 2016 and even mediadios of 2017 the number of brands that choose to incorporate QR codes on their labels grow exponentially.

This App gives us the option to view the properties of a Coca Cola or fatty components of a chocolate bar, in fact, Hershey´s Company, a brand of chocolate from Lancaster (Penssylvania) It has already made publicly available virtually everything its catalog of sweets and chocolates. Not forget that find data about these products have the same accuracy as those printed on their labels companies to bring products to the market as they are provided by the same.

The challenge is not only the application test how it works this database, but also establish it in our daily lives. On the other hand, from the point of view of large corporations also we need to be attentive to the predisposition that can show what is behind the product that we sell. Sustainability of all this depends on the involvement of both sides to be made of the transparent way we feed ourselves.

So far it has big brands in the American market, but, Have you come to have a great expansion throughout the world? During this 2016 we will checking the scope. It has a long way to go before the goal of absolute transparency. As we can see in the chart check if the growing critical mass contributes to the trust and loyalty between brands and customers.

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