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SmartWatch, a new digital device that connects customers with restaurants


Major restaurant chains are positioning themselves as a growing trend is the use of wareable technology and especially related Smart relojes the SmartWatches.

exponential growth is expected in the coming years, in 2018 more of 177 million Internet-connected devices will be used by users, with a very significant role in this figure, smart watches.

Most technology companies and some also related to the watchmaking industry, They are positioning themselves in a clear way in this growing market, right now, Samsung is the undisputed leader with a growth of 250% in the last year, distributing over 500.000 smart watches in the first three months of the year.

Faced with this leadership, They are starting to look other options like Pebble, a smart watch that is generating a huge social community and that its last crowdfunding campaign has achieved more 20 millions of dollars, a new device that has not yet gone on sale. Other companies like Apple, Microsoft, Sony, LG, Motorola, HTC, Asus or Tag Heuer are launching their first SmartWatches.

Utilities that I foresee for the hospitality industry, Countless, soon we get proposals and offers restaurants through our smart watch, We choose a restaurant, We review your letter or make a reservation by browsing through this type of device, And ultimately, the digital transformation process in which we, It will cause us to connect again with restaurants in a different way by this new technology.

But we have real and concrete examples of these new utilities, like ordering a pizza through a smart watch.

It was the restaurant chain Domino's Pizza, which it has developed an app, which allows its customers, order online a pizza, through a SmartWatch.

In the following video you can see how easily the whole process is performed:

As well, the Spanish pizza delivery company, Telepizza, It has developed an application so that customers can request their service through Pebble smart watch, as you can see in the video:

To use, both Domino's Pizza Service, as TelePizza, customers have previously selected in your profile as a favorite or order may request the latter who made, though undoubtedly, the possibilities are to be expanded with the simple passage of time.

As shown in these examples, again Internet of Things joined intelligent devices, SmartWatches, generate a new technology market, causing new opportunity for ubiquitous restaurants they can interact with their customers in a digital form.

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