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Snackbot, the delivery robot revolutionizes pecking at university


In the field of robotics for restoration, the number of solutions continues to rise at a rate exacerbated. Applications are not holistic, so different machines are required for each application. Thus in recent months we have witnessed the birth of waiters robots, articulated robotic arms that automate tasks in the kitchen, cobots and many others automata whose primary goal is to optimize the time spent on tasks that are assigned, and perform these evenly and error.

And despite the efforts of development companies to cover all possible fronts, studies and reports published by major investors suggest that the adoption of technology in the world of restoration is still very shy and many niches not yet been served. So is distilled for example ING's annual report aimed at business and catering, to quote one.

If there is an exception, this is undoubtedly the cast of robots. Apart from being a technological innovation in restaurants that enables these services without home delivery companies third-party food, These robots are also a winning proposition for those same companies.

Many players trying to gain a good position in this market with a delivery robot for short trips. FedEx has his, Kiwi also developed one, Deliveroo He has already worked with them, and he has been piloted at the University of Berkeley (California, OF. UU.). Now, PepsiCo Y Robby Technlogies presented its new model: the Snackbot.

Still in testing phase, the Snackbot tour the gardens, sidewalks and roads of the University of the Pacific. Stockon campus, Also in California, rolling robots will move in the coming months, when debugging the software so that the operation thereof is optimal.

There is no doubt that professionals in robotics to restore Robby Technologies will soon achieve. The company has a long track record in developing automata applied in this economic sector. Robby model adapted to the needs of Hello Goodness (a company belonging to PepsiCo) It is his best work so far. Among the strengths of the robot cast includes the following:

  • Autonomy and automation at low cost
  • Extensive customization options on the base model
  • Adaptable to the needs and circumstances of each contracting party operation
  • Surround rugged and
  • Equipped with high mechanical reliability
  • User-oriented design; intuitive, ergonomic and easy to use

further, externally PepsiCo Robby remembers previous models whose proper functioning has already been extensively tested. The Snackbot has a chamber delimited by smooth edges which opens at the top. This is based on a chassis with three axles, where a wide wheels that keep the center of gravity of the robot cast stuck to the floor mount. This ensures that the food is worn on the camera is not overturned at any time.

technologically, the Snackbot is also higher. It is equipped with new sensors that improve their ability to trace routes and avoid obstacles, both human and inert.

Currently Hello Goodness start using adapted models Robby as a roving machines dispensing; will attend orders made by college students that are made from a app special. Inside the chamber shall bring snacks and drinks to quench the hunger and thirst of university steeped in academic tasks. To take advantage of the benefits of the Snackbot, young people have to use their mobile terminal and university credentials, so for now any personnel outside the institution remains unserved.

Only registered can access products such as Starbucks Cold Brew, Baked Lay’s, Pure Leaf Tea, LIFEWRT, SunChips, Smartfood Delight and other existing items in the catalog Hello Goodness.

PepsiCo's plan is to revolutionize short-term pecking within academic institutions. Bars Institute, university cafeterias, and installed vending machines in school hallways could see jeopardize their stay in these buildings in the near future.

Plans giant food pass out of order terminals Hello Goodness of 50 with locations that currently have the 50 000. A not inconsiderable amount represents a considerable challenge, even for a company of the caliber of PepsiCo.

Will it ever the eternal rival of The CocaCola Company to establish the delivery robot Snackbot the desired scale? That, Only time will tell…

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