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Snake Cafe: cafeteria snakes in Tokyo


-Good Morning, Does it put me a coffee and boa constrictor that has in the window?
-Shall I get to wear or take here?
-To drink here, Thank you.

This could well be a conversation a day in the Snake Cafe, a Japanese cafe not suitable for those suffering ophidiophobia, Or what is the same, fear of snakes. At the heart of the shopping district of Harajuku Japanese capital, Snake Cafe offers its customers a very special company for your evenings coffee: more of 30 species of non-poisonous snakes.

Snake customers Cafe feature of coffees and beverages and also other snakes, where you can choose from the 35 copies the one you like best. In the establishment, reptiles are kept in glass cases in view of the consumer and once 'ordered' staff allows the customer to get them out of their cage to touch them, take pictures and even play with them. Eye, all with maximum safety, as well as not being poisonous none of them, workers Cafeteria They monitor each movement that occurs with snakes, to avoid unwanted accidents.

Enjoy a coffee and a snake

For five pounds, something less than seven euros, customers will have their coffee to enjoy in the company of one of these magnificent reptiles and, Besides, If you disburse an extra about four euros, They may remove them from their cage and let repten around.

The type species most often repeated is the corn snake, a snake from North America that inhabits meadows and cornfields, hence its name. The corn snake is the most common among the chosen for those who wish to have a snake as a pet at home, especially because of their docility and their small size. Thus, Restaurant owners have collected several of them for their urns, as above wanting to capture the customer's attention is their safety and health.

It all started with the intention of "Show people how good the animal world", ensures the business owner, Hisamitsu Kaneko, which according to British newspaper The Guardian He is declaring "very interested in preserving the environment and in that context started this coffee”. His focus then focused on snakes, a species that has spent years dragging a bad reputation, something the owners want to change Snake Cafe.

Most of their clients are curious adolescents have about one of these animals. Or maybe its success among young people is because is in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Tokyo. In any case, the possibility of holding them and watching them so closely safe running is what everyone is looking to enter the bar, a very rare opportunity in the life of a person. But not only the youngest visit this establishment. So they do many lovers of snakes, both home and abroad, looking not only experience, but also of some of the reptile themed products sold in the Snake Cafe. Neckties made from a faux snakeskin and shed skin pieces are the most successful items among buyers.

If you are the "if I do not see, I do not think so", Here's the Snake Café in pictures:

Restaurants Pet Friendly

Compared to the average business cafe, means reptilarium, bars and restaurants that allow the entry of dogs and cats as The tour Madrid or Cup & Cake Roselló from Barcelona, seem a cinch. The locals pet-friendly They have made the leap to unconventional animals, especially in Japan, where there are similar bars as Snake Cafe Yokohama Subtropical Teahouse Reptile Cafe one to owls and barn owls cafeteria located near the Tokyo Metro Tsukishima. And it is according to evolve the types of animals that people have as pets, so they do the locals who try to integrate home life and leisure time.

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