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Snapchat and can make restaurant reservations through the Context Cards


The latest innovation introduced Snapchat You can make a new twist to use that restaurants can make this social network. Because the application is launched this week Context Cards, or contextual cards, with which users can now get a lot of information about the context in which any snap is done.

And not content any, as this information comes directly from sources like TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Michelin, Uber, Lift, OpenTable among others. They are all related to users in obtaining data on places, Restaurant also, so that each content generated in this social network, acquires a new dimension, much more important.

The key is partners

Now from Snapchat, users can reserve a table through OpenTable, Losers o Reservable, see photos of all the places that interest you or even restaurant reviews where they saw that dish as succulent and colorful someone has hung.

With context cards, snapchat It has become a visual starting point to learn more about any restaurant or general trade, since it has partnered with the best partners. Users can get more information about anything that attracts attention, at the moment.

It is functioning well, It can not be simpler as to see a snap or a story with interesting content, the user can slide your finger from the bottom of the screen to access the location from which the user sent the snap, accompanied by all the information provided by one of their powerful partners.

Access reviews of a restaurant or book directly at

Snapchat This innovation is part of its strategy to enhance geolocation tool Snap Maps, in which through a system of geolocation, any user can search for a restaurant or attraction that is near. To find it so you just have to select it and slide to access the basic information of the place as well as an option reviews and even allows reservations.

In principle, this function is available, both IOS as Android, for US users, the United Kingdom, and Australia, as well as Canada and New Zealand, but hopefully soon come to our country to that restaurants tell a new source to develop their strategy marketing online.

By the way, the question arises…how long will it take Instagram Stories to allow its millions of users to access content and information contextualized and Snapchat?, sure that very soon, We'll be alert!

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