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Sober Bars, the new trendy bars and bars without alcohol abstainers


Although deeply rooted in our culture and tradition, alcohol does not stop being a legal drug. While it is true that beverages with lower alcohol content have some beneficial health properties, Repeated scientific studies have shown that the overall calculation of the effects of alcohol on the human body is negative.

A) Yes, increasing the educational level experienced by the population over the last 50 years has caused some of our habits are modified after healthier alternatives. Abstainers and occasional alcohol consumers belonging to the younger generations pursuing a panacea for ailments such as cirrhosis, various types of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, degeneration of the nervous system and gastrointestinal disorders chronic; All of them diseases directly linked to alcohol intake.

Of course, the abandonment of spirits is not general, but the number of consumers who prefer alternatives if it is increasing. Now a niche market that the food and catering industry can no longer ignore. The change in consumer habits of a large part of the population has opened up new business opportunities.

It is the case of specialized cocktail mocktails, often also they are known as mocktails. In these concoctions he has no place or rum, and whiskey, or gin, or any other liquor. Establishments that serve these combinations that captivate the palates of adults, but which they are perfectly suitable for consumption by children reduce their alcohol content to zero. Replacing spirits appear juices, fruit slices, spices, sugar, honey and many other natural ingredients Suitable for any visitor.

Such premises are well established since the beginning of decade. So much so that traction is recently taking another fad in the world of restoration: Sober Bars, the sober bars or rods sober.

in EE. THE. They begin to appear everywhere. New York's Getaway has attracted the attention of the press with its "shrubs" (bush, bush or shrub). In the absence of a direct translation into Castilian by the novelty of the idea, we are inclined to accept a sound and very suitable metastasis of the last meaning: «Tamojo»; reminiscent of its liquidity and turn its rebellious character and messy, own a mocktail.

Getaway in the tamojos are made with unlikely ingredients: vinegar, carrot, ginger, soda, etc. And yet those who try repeat. In addition to its good taste, It is undeniable that the fact that its price is not inflated by the overload of taxes affecting the alcohol encourages consumers.

Getaway bars like are also a relief for those lifelong abstainers. Any reader who follow this philosophy when drinking will have been in a situation like this: one of the companions who drink alcohol insists ad nauseam that we drink with him. At Cherokee Recovery Village de Bastrop (Texas, OF. UU.) visitors can rest easy, will not be in the position of having to deal with some of these heavy proebriedad since no spirits available to the customer.

While in the case of the bar Bastrop once it served as a meeting point for exalcohólicos in therapy or recovery process, the newly appeared teetotaler movement has presented to the local with a sudden and unexpected increase in its turnover. Now see come through its doors more customers than patients.

The change in consumer habits and newly found preference for soft drinks is also reflected in the business decisions of major brewers. Nonalcoholic alternatives are gaining ground in their catalogs at the expense of more traditional items, each passing year receive lower demand. That's the reality experienced by both Heineken and Budweiser, to name some brands.

Unfortunately, the search for alternatives alcohol does not have to lead to a healthier product for the consumer. In the hard blows like asestados to open the door smoking to vaping options and juuleo, abandoning alcohol can break into other unwanted substances.

Kin Euphorics is an emerging company founded by Matthew Cauble, who he is also co-founder Soylent, developer food substitutes Silicon Valley. Kin euphorics has received abundant funding to bring the market a non-alcoholic beverage not resort to abuse of sugar to claim the loyalty of the consumer. Kin euphorics response is Rhode High, concoction with adaptogens, nootropics and botanical remedies that have not yet received approval from US authorities for marketing.

In parallel form, some consumers completely abandon drinking and simplify their consumption habits. For the community r/HydroHomies, a subreddit with more than half a million people, there is nothing more refreshing than water and good memes.

In the same line of thought, and taking advantage of the circumstances, it has appeared Liquid Death. The objectives of this brand are simple: reduce the stigma of non-alcoholic beverages, demonize spirituous products (or rather give them the fame they really deserve), promoting healthy practices to mitigate the thirst and capitalize on movements previously exposed.

Liquid Death does not develop any special drink, solo canned water container offering a modern and striking, at the height of the designs shown cans of energy drinks more elaborate.

There are many fronts open to the normalization of soft drinks in bars and restaurants, and therefore are equally abundant opportunities for professionals in the world of restoration.

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      1. f. Action and effect of restoring.

      2. f. Reestablishment of the political regime had been replaced by another.

      3. f. Replacement on the throne of a king or the representative of a dynasty.

      4. f. historical period beginning with a restoration (‖ Replacement of a king).

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