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SoftBank wants robotizar making pizzas and invest 750 millions of dollars


He holding Japan-based international SoftBank Group Corp. It is preparing to make a new investment in the catering sector. After his participation in rumorease Deliveroo (thesis supported by Business Insider) and have supported another emerging company dedicated to home delivery food by Dash, it is the turn to juice.

For those who have not yet heard of this brand, Zume Pizza is a pizza franchise that advocates the use of technology to restore in all facets involving the business. Their presence is particularly evident in the US east coast. UU., concentrating the largest number of establishments in the state of California. However already it is beginning to have premises in the largest cities: NY, Seattle, Greenwich…

He is according to reports in the media in August, negotiations with SoftBank are part of an economic range from the 500 to the 750 millions of dollars, Would amount to develop robots for pizzeria, among other purposes. secrecy still prevails as the terms and clauses which involves investment are clarified.

The use of robotics in the kitchen the pizza is not something innovative. In fact, investment that seeks to make the Japanese group is seen as a last chance for Zume Pizza catch up regarding Domino’s, What is it, so completely undeniable, he most innovative technology for restoration between fast food franchises.

The competition is not direct, in any case. Zume has some trucks equipped with oven and robotized kitchen able to start working on receiving the appropriate signal from an application in the cloud. This system is extremely efficient in terms of cost and very fast deliveries. While the pizza is cooking this already is on its way to your destination.

This unique position as a hybrid between home delivery company dedicated to food and pizza oven with its own distinct identity and is the one that may encourage juice Pizza Get secure a piece of this competitive market today and in the future and establish itself as a benchmark in the market.

The investment would be a safety cushion for the brand as would allow scale their operations without exceeding the expenditure ceiling that are guaranteed not go bankrupt. Currently only three of these magnificent furnaces are running smoothly. They run along the roads surrounding the headquarters of Zume Pizza, located in the Californian city of Mountain View. rapid expansion is necessary and lack of capital is the only barrier now prevents such a campaign has been undertaken.

What finally will SoftBank?

Participation of SoftBank Group Corp.. in business and home food delivery Pizza Zume potential in the sector

SoftBank Group Corp. He has received numerous accolades from various economic analysts for its magnificent decisions when investing. Given the even the most ominous forecasts are optimistic about growth, impact and scope of business of home food delivery short and medium term, conglomerate's decision to embark on a new business venture does not seem far-fetched.

In addition to the companies mentioned above, SoftBank enjoys a 15% Uber shares, whose biggest asset right now is the business line focused on the distribution of prepared meals through the trademark Uber EATS. Ola, Grab and Didi ChuXing also feature the participation of SoftBank Vision Fund, They are treated similar companies operating in Asia.

Since Bloomberg It is also exposed to he holding again enter the Chinese market to seize part of Ele.me, distribution company owned by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and representing a favorite choice for these purposes in the case of millions of citizens of China.

In any case there is a clear difference between these decisions and that may be about to take: Zume Pizza is still a company in its early childhood, and its development may deviate in any direction, giving good or bad results no one can really predict.

In all these investments there is inherent risk and SoftBank is no stranger, much less, this fact.

The only thing that is certain at this moment is that Pizza Zume growth since it appeared in 2015 It can only be described as explosive.

Initially the pizzeria cofounded by Julia Collins, head of operations for artisanal brand caseológica Murray’s Cheese and small chain of Mexican restaurants Mexicue, Y Alex Garden, president of the development company Zynga Digital Entertainment Studios, taciturn went through a stage of proof is hardly anything; However, as soon as they started selling cakes made using robotics in the kitchen They managed to subsidize their activities through AME Cloud Ventures, the investment fund Jerry Yang, founder of Yahoo.

Since the escalation has been continued through the application of technology in the restoration, more and more processes, always with the clear objective of automate all tasks and achieve maximum efficiency in baking pizzas. But without losing the north.

Julia and Alex have not been obcecado. They have not modernized their facilities beyond what is strictly necessary.

Nor they have wanted lose the human touch, although they retain simulating the randomness in the execution of the tasks inherent to people: during an interview with exdesarrollador in 2016, he confessed that food mixers They were scheduled to "spread the sauce perfectly, but so too perfect ', referring to small imperfections introduced by the hand of a traditional artisan pizza and encourage that unique experience to be enjoyed while eating a homemade pizza.

If you finally reach agreement, Pizza Zume could see further benefited from its collaboration with Japanese investors, as these are involved in various initiatives that deal with robotics in the kitchen. An example is the robot humanoide Pepper developed by SoftBank Robotics (an acquisition made in 2012 and originating in France) it will be used in certain establishments Pizza Hut Asia to record orders.

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