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Software and profitability go hand in hand, Do we get the most out of our systems in the restaurant?


The use of cash registers is more than endangered. In recent years they have emerged multiple POS systems, Reservations, personnel management systems, applications for service delivery, marketing applications, managing social networks, etc.

All these systems have in mind that they must be easy to use for users, and affordable to the pockets of big and small restaurants. Not only have these services available to us but also most HE “speak” among them to make life easier, that is to say, They are integrated and, Nevertheless, Very few restaurants use it to their advantage.

Let's look at some examples:

TPVs today offer enormous advances, for example, you provide the average ticket per customer, the number of workers covered by day and time, product sales potential and real yields ... It's much easier to know the best selling products and see if they play for your profitability in engineering menu.

Have you checked If your best selling dishes have profitability What are you waiting for? Get a sales report and adjust your recipes or prices 10 best-selling dishes to be profitable.

With a simple report Your booking system can see that days and hours of the week are busier. Many of them are integrated with the POS system and allow you to make predictions based on stocks or average consumption, and immediately alert you if your personnel cost is very high for sales forecasts.

They also allow us to see if we are waiting too long to arrive our reserves; in this case you may unlock some of the tables and leaving for pedestrians you reach a larger number of covered, and therefore, sales.

Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, now Pulse, Sendible, eClincher They are systems that connect your social networks so that you can schedule your posts synchronizing all. A) Yes, the content that you create on Instagram are shared simultaneously on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

We all know that we work in an industry where stress levels are high and time is a precious commodity, so why not use systems that make our life easier and more efficient.

Do you use JustEat, Deliveroo, Rest in, Glovo or UberEATS? You do not only use to increase your sales but also to promote your business? Have you tried to add some information about your history and your menu including your advertising or menus for people to know you better? Most of the personnel management systems allow you to include a sales forecast and adjust your template whether it's a rainy day, a Tuesday night or Saturday at noon on the bridge of All Saints.

It is easy to see the percentage of sales for each day of the week to adjust employee shifts, know the hours / days you must have more employees and improve service at peak times.

We recently surprised to hear that you can already make reservations through Google, several international and national companies like Cover Manager, Fork O OpenTable They have integrated Google to make life easier for all those who enjoyed the experience of eating out and no longer need, not even, enter the restaurant's website.

In recent 5 years, we have seen an incredible progression of all these systems which they are very simple to use, flexible, intelligent and above all efficient.

Maybe it's that “speak” between them and make our management more efficient and less manual. I think many restaurants should review their systems and assess whether they play in your favor or against. In the XXI century it is very easy to have a good management and good systems at an affordable price, but it takes stand, evaluate and act. Remember, management is not complicated, you just need determination.

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Founder of Pendulo, a tool created to improve margins and control costs at a restaurant in an effective and simple. Consultant restaurants and hospitality businesses. Lives between Spain and London allowing you to keep abreast of new culinary trends and operational worldwide.


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