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Solidarity and culinary art come together in the new edition of Insider Week by ElTenedor

  • More of 500 restaurants throughout Spain, Insider belonging to the selection of ElTenedor, star in the new edition of this joint initiative.
  • From 28 March and 21 of April, restaurants like Moments, Somini and The Alchemix in Barcelona; Haroma, Y Cantina Roo Penthouse in Madrid; Carlos Maldonado roots in Talavera de la Reina; El Bohio in Illescas; Monastrell, in Alicante; Aromata, At mallorca; Salita de Begoña Rodrigo, in Valencia; o Ta-Kumi, In Malaga; will offer haute cuisine menus between 25 and 125 €.
  • TheFork will allocate 1 € per menu consumed the program of the NGO Action Aid "Here too", which works to alleviate child poverty in Spain

Has already become one of the main gastronomic events in our country for lovers of good food, ElTenedor, app leading online restaurant reservations in Europe, It takes its solidarity to another level initiative and held Spain throughout its Insider Week. Of the 28 March and 21 of April, more of 500 restaurants in Spain belonging to the Insider selection of ElTenedor, They will present their best dishes for a good cause.

Booking through the app ElTenedor, diners can enjoy the most outstanding restaurants on the national scene with menus at € 25, 45€, 75€ and 125 €. One more year, gastronomy and solidarity come together in this initiative, in which TheFork will donate, consumed by each menu, 1€ to the NGO ActionAid, to fight child poverty in Spain.

Restaurants "Insider", the stars

New in this edition, all participating establishments are part of "Insider", an exclusive selection of ElTenedor with restaurants that make a difference: those who, by good reviews, recognition or because trendsetters are considered the best restaurants of the moment. Thanks to the selection Insider you will discover where you can enjoy these cakes that everyone talks, the great chefs of the moment or Michelin-starred, emerging neighborhoods, emblematic places of the city and other local treasures.

A dining experience throughout Spain

For the first time, ElTenedor take your principal joint initiative to major cities in Spain, It is making it possible for more and more diners can enjoy this unique experience. A) Yes, Barcelona restaurants known as Moments, at the Mandarin Oriental, dream – Hotel The One O The Alchemix, Haroma by Mario Sandoval, Penthouse by Ramon Freixa – The Principal Madrid Hotel, Y Cantina Roo, in Madrid; Carlos Maldonado roots in Talavera de la Reina Monastrell by María José San Román in Alicante; Aromata Andreu Genestra in Mallorca; Vertical Y Salita de Begoña Rodrigo in Valencia; Kumi in Malaga Bohío Illescas, will offer first class menus between 25 € and 125 €.

Annual meeting between haute cuisine and solidarity

Once again, ElTenedor joins chefs and restaurants throughout Spain for a good cause. A) Yes, ElTenedor Insider Week continues the spirit of solidarity of previous initiatives and consumed each menu donate 1 € to the NGO Action Aid, more concretely, to your program Here too, which works to reduce social inequality in Spain. In this sense, since 2013, ActionAid has increased their work areas in our country with this program designed to fight the transmission of poverty from one generation to another and provide, among others, of the right to food Balanced participating families.

As part of this program of intervention in Spain, ActionAid works through a network composed of 91 schools and local entities 12 autonomous communities, thus reaching about 12.000 children vulnerable and risk of social exclusion, and their families. Thanks to the collaboration ElTenedor, can be accomplished program objectives: encourage equal opportunities in education, improve healthy living conditions fighting malnutrition and encourage integration of families in their communities through tools that drive their personal and professional development.

In the words of Marta Marañón, responsible for Institutional Relations of ActionAid: "For ActionAid, the alliance with ElTenedor during Week Insider joint initiative is a very positive example of how a company can align its social responsibility with your business. Through collaboration with ElTenedor last year, ActionAid has been able to cover the 50% feeding needs of children at risk of social exclusion who work in Spain "

Specific, It is expected that the results obtained in this edition figures exceed last year, in which they were raised almost 100.000 euros, of those who benefited more than 600 boys and girls Participants in the program. further, not only they benefit, but also their families, thanks to the delivery of healthy school menus during breakfast, lunch or snack.

After we celebrate solidarity initiatives in previous years, ElTenedor back to challenge us from developing Insider Week, the gastronomic event of the year in which participate the best restaurants of the moment. On this occasion diners can enjoy over 500 our selection Insider restaurants throughout Spain, making this action in a unique gastronomic experience and solidarity. Carry out these initiatives is our honor, Last year we raised up to 100,000 € for ActionAid and this year we expect to exceed that number and continue to contribute to the fight against child poverty in Spain”, comments Marcos Alves, CEO and founder of ElTenedor.

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