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We are a country of waiters ... and a great honor


Although I currently dedicate to university education, I have never ceased to consider myself a waiter; a proud waiter. A waiter trained and professional, which is dedicated to the craft of making the customer happy, being a facilitator who tries, as far as possible, create memorable experiences. This attitude have been applied to all aspects of my life: family, friends, work and, the truth, you have not gone wrong all this time.

And of course, When you read news like this summer some media published with the title "Spain, way to becoming a country of waiters ", I am struck by the dismissive tone used, as if being a waiter out to be a worker of second division .... So that is demeaning that we are a country of waiters?

Without making a lot of blood on the content of the news, It reminds me that this is an issue that has long been in dance for various Internet portals, and that every so often reappears in the media and people start scandalized.

Do a brainstorming exercise: the hospitality of our country feeds, never better said, a 1,5 million workers (The third activity with more workers behind trade and manufacturing), represents the 8,5% employment in Spain and the growth of the hospitality industry It does nothing to improve their numbers compared to previous years.

These data countersign, on the one hand, the great work we have been developing in recent years in tourism, Y, for another, success a sector that has become lifeline of our economy.

Spain, a country of waiters

Waiter profession is a of the slaughtered and also the most motivating industry, where more mobility and promotion possibilities exist and where some crazy, I prefer to call gastro-kooks, (knowing that wages are not what they should be), choose the room as their field of professional game.

Hospitality professionals, They are living by and for the client, what improve training between shifts, that will "steal" time to their families and friends working days in the rest rests, who decide to stages (In other words, going to work for free to other restaurants) to get more experience, They are learning languages ​​and wine, improving skills and sales techniques... all with one goal: grow and become better at their jobs.

He discredit that seeks to attribute the waiter profession is absolutely unjustified and only serves to detract from one of the professions that can generate more job satisfaction a worker.

It is possible that some bad hotel industry hire "transports-dishes" instead of waiters, that illegal practices are carried out in the workplace and the profession ridicules (Nightmare in the kitchen It shows us many malpractices). And it is possible that, among all actors with authority to do so, It is shelved formation, for cost or time, causing a quality loss the service is now costing us recover.

You need to start to look favorably profession

training needs, much training, and go bad if we think a catering business anyone can be a waiter. Between a large majority has been underestimated the incalculable added value of a good room service and this is one of the main reasons why a restaurant ends up throwing the closing.

Definitely, you have to pamper the hospitality industry in Spain, We are a tourist power and professionals working in it, waiters included, It allows us to improve our economy each year.

You need to start to look favorably profession. Other businesses can not or do not know how, but we do; we believe our eyes and bet on it. Like it or not, We are a country of services, so we must be consistent and focus on what feeds us now and we will in the future.

Every economic crisis takes a couple of sectors ahead, but tourism and restoration remain strong and growing. All this deserves a good reflection ... #YoSoyCamarero

About the Author

I'm a lucky guy that life has given him much more than I expected. I teach at the University Institute for Tourism Research. I am Director of the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hospitality University of Alicante.



    Working as a waitress in one of the best restaurants in Altea, I was very lucky that my clients in a 90 % They are aliens from a high purchasing. They treat me with respect, thank me for my good service and make me feel highly valued for being so friendly and helpful. Spaniards usually come during the year as well but when summer comes and Spanish tourists are guided towards the tripadvisor and treat you like they do with that lack of class, with demands without knowledge ( we are a French restaurant and ask us if we make paellas and pizzas to give an idea). Really shows that no professional bartenders but lack of education in Spain, respect and empathy from the public that not only values ​​that are being kind for more than 9 hours to 13 hours in many occasions, to many customers every day, while they are on vacation, and Christmas holidays with their families and friends while we must leave them to give them good service.
    As for some employers hire transports- dishes instead of a good waiter because it would more expensive because not all have been observing ( or no theme studies and reports) that where there is a good waiter no more loyalty and customer satisfaction and an increase in cash receipts.

  2. In my opinion, the term “waiter” it is not derogatory (as long as it's a professional, not one of those who don't even wash their hands when they leave the toilet). Other way round, one of the most complex professions and requiring high preparation. The problem is “Waiters Country”. If the entire economy of a country depends on hospitality (or from a single source)… well we finish everything else. All the risk in one sector, no diversification. farming, Cattle raising, Industry… to be taken from Europe.
    I don't even want to think about what would happen if something, for example a virus, endanger this unique sector. 🙁

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