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Are the children's restaurant menus the best alternative for children?


Feeding children is one of those aspects that, as a rule, It is usually given greater importance. further, They are increasingly control the nutritional content of everything they eat, why some foods like cookies or candies have begun to move into the background.

But when we go out eating out with children This changes. Most restaurants feature children's menus, which they are often the main commitment of parents for comfort, price, quantity, etc. However these They are not always the healthiest choice.

What it is offered to children when we go out to eat away from home?

Potatoes, burgers, breaded and fried are the main ingredients of any children's menu in a restaurant.

both restaurant chains as usual private schools that have specially designed for the smaller dishes. These usually consist of a starter, in which you can often find some sort of pasta or fried, and a second plate, in which usually include some meat potatoes accompanied, but it is also very common to find fried and breaded, as the traditional San Jacobo or schnitzel.

In any case the chips and the large number of calories are usually fixed odds betting. further, To this we add the soda and sugary dessert that also usually included.

Definitely, children's menus depart radically from what we would consider healthy eating. Quite the contrary, They are full of calories, saturated fats and sugars.

This is not a problem affecting only Spain. five years ago American restaurant chains joined a project that They undertook to improve the nutritional value of its bid for smaller, but the truth is that five years later, These improvements have not yet reached.

According a study by the T.H. Chan School of Public Health de la Harvard University, restaurants have introduced certain improvements, as is the inclusion of some healthier foods. But you are measures are insignificant, because the amount of saturated fat, calories, sodium and sugars remains the same. A very good example would be as soft drinks in some cases have been replaced by nectars, that have, in the end, the same amount of sugar than previous.

These reasons have been sufficient for the prestigious university claimed that it has not detected a real desire to improve the nutrition of children by restaurants.

What should take small when eating in a restaurant?

He children's menu is a simple and convenient option for parents. These tend to be appealing to children, as often They carry an entire marketing strategy, which can include illustrations or pictures to color up a toy. The goal is to keep kids entertained while they eat, Besides, They are a safe bet that avoid "I do not like”.

But, against this comfort, surge the problem of eating habits. It is clear that the menus currently serving most restaurants for kids, They do not correspond to what should be a healthy dish, as it proposed by the same Harvard University. This would consist of half a plate of vegetables and fruits, a quarter of a bowl of cereal protein and another quarter, something that does not respect almost none of the alternatives that have the smallest in any restaurant today.

The ideal would be, as he proposed by the study of American University, chains of restoration commit to work together with institutions to improve once this problem. Vegetables, fish, fresh fruit and other foods should be the protagonists, leaving aside definitely fried and sugar.

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  1. Totally agree!. Accustomed to such children's menus in Spain, I was pleasantly surprised that, in Eurodisney, children's menus always include some vegetables or salad. Not to say that the food was superb, sure it could be better prepared and better quality ingredients, but if the children's plates included “verde”, something that, here, rarely happens.

    • Jose Berenguer on

      Hello Silvia! Thank you very much for your comment, and the truth is that you take every reason. With articles like this we intend to stand a moment to reflect on what we are eating every day, because often we assume customs that do not benefit, and as you say, the menus in Spain there is little green, and a lot of fat, will, etc… especially for the little ones. Great contribution Silvia, We keep reading us!

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