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Are profitable occasional customers in restaurants?


Summer comes to Spanish restaurants. And with this new season, local are filled with a large number of diners, tourists in, here or there, our geography or beyond the country's borders.

Diners coming cruise or plane, because they return to the land of their fathers and early years. Blest be the last, because they are the best prescribers in the history of gastronomic marketing, because they seek to return to its roots by "those flavors" that have accompanied them from early childhood.

For the latter matter who, what and where; if they are espetos and fish frito, salmorejo, Cooked, fabada, octopus, michirones, pan or spring onions. The procedure is the same, often accompanied by all his family and friends; they know that they consume more "glory" than any other dish at another time.

The result always will vary between two possibilities: the customer back to your hotel or vacation residence with feeling hopeless and sad, or leaving the ebullient and comforted establishment, loyal to the core and grateful for those moments of enjoyment of those who, think, He has managed to involve their children and heirs and, on the way, to your couple.

Is this a really profitable customer?

Many restaurants They wonder whether this is a really profitable customer, in which it is worth investing because it is an irregular customer, although again the following year, It will almost always eleven months or more without going through the door and therefore, without help pay the bills and staff salaries.

Obviously, this is not the case of restaurants of the most touristic and coastal areas, habituated to more flexible and engage their workforces and hours of sheer necessity of brutally adapt to seasonal demands, these establishments know that's what is and what will be the best. But others do not see it, They seek regularity and require a related clientele and stable again sit at their tables several times throughout the year.

For owners and managers of these establishments, We will list a series of reasons why this type of client, irregular but potentially very faithful, more profitable than you think.

Reasons to pamper seasonal parishioner

  1. This client "returned" it comes soon; but when it comes it does never alone, but does so with family and / or friends.
  2. Look at the price; but it does not do as much as a regular parishioner, It is not his main motivation.
  3. When you leave satisfied and return to "their environment", geographical or nature whatsoever, recommended, and again recommends boasts magnificent evenings or lunches which has enjoyed, giving great detail on establishments where it has been. If in addition the establishment has been good enough to get him a new follower on Facebook or Instagram the level of limitation to the Nth degree will rise.
  4. Affects others with its recommendation; but also determines himself, "If I have sent my cousin to eat there, I at least know ": with what go back to the establishment.
  5. often wait some kind of deference or "reward" for this faithfulness; reward may well be a virtual thanks (and no costly for the establishment) but if it materializes into something material will again bring the restaurant tables.

These are just 5 why these customers, those who need to know how to detect, why are not mere casual diners and sporadic, but something more; we might call "intermittent parishioners" or seasonal.

Y here it is where the restaurants must make a decision, and evaluate these "intermittent patrons" as a client type and a part of our target audience to steer towards; people who encourage and prepare their return distance, generally through messages on social networks or through personalized e-mails.

What if data are not worth a contact form well filled a small discount in addition to the paltry effort to make one or two small mailing a month?

Or you can discard the possibility of attracting a controlled manner to the "intermittent parishioners" and leave everything to chance and good memory of these customers, although they have taken a cherished memory, They take without going through the restaurant almost a year.

In short, the decision will adhere to the dictates of the old dilemma, "What is worth more, many who give little, or a few that give much?”. In a sector like restoration maybe we should think that all, The one and the other, They are essential.

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