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Spyce, the robotized restaurant serves dishes with Michelin star 7 €


technology-enhanced culinary excellence“. With this interesting slogan, we are presented with the commitment of a team of students WITH, the restaurant Spyce. The local mixing the recipes a renowned chef as is Daniel Boulud, with the healthy menus that every university would be able to enjoy and automation in the kitchen.

The Spyce restaurant is one of the first establishments where dishes are entirely prepared by robots. A milestone for the city of Boston, but also for food processors, models for decorating the kitchen in the Spyce are the first capable of preparing complex dishes.

So far we have seen automate simple processes. Flip a burger, make and serve coffee, put food on the table ... The kitchen robots Spyce go further and are able to prepare tasty menus that have nothing to envy any assistant at MIT could wish. The responsible party, Kale formed by Rogers, Michael Farid, Braden Knight y Luke Schlueter; and nicknamed WITH Spyce Kitchen, It is fully satisfied.

The idea has not only made furor in the media, but it has helped young people get the prize Eat it. An honor that also entails an economic incentive 10.000 Dollars for participants for inventions in food technology.

Far from being a pilot, the establishment plans to start generate profits in record time thanks to higher margins obtained through automation in the kitchen.

Michelin star dishes, a 7 euros

The success is even greater if possible to take into account that the tasty dishes designed by award-winning chef with a Michelin star is selling like hotcakes. With a price of around seven euros, Spyce diners can gawk by mastery of the culinary arts presenting food mixers, and later by the excellent taste of dishes.

In any case, without cooks it has never been the intention of the guys behind the Spyce. In fact, yet no staff working at this location. Before entering the woks ingredients and serve, two cooks properly prepare. Another person can be ordered to check the end result and take a few tweaks if necessary.

Now, with sight on the horizon, young entrepreneurs seek approval from the Ministry of Agriculture and the US Food and Drug Administration for expansirse. If these bodies give the nod to the new food technology, the Spyce open new establishments in other university cities.

In the meantime, the original premises of Boston will continue to gather positive reviews in Yelp, where visitors who have already opined affect the good taste of the food and service alacrity.

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